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March 6, 2018.  #MeToo, so called, is a faction of recent vintage, but well-placed feminists of both sexes have long been chewing away at one particular foundation of our culture: the language of Christianity. In his latest "Unsilent Truth" column, senior editor Ronn Neff exposes some of the rectifications they've made, and where they lead.

"Give me that new-time religion: It's good enough for #MeToo."

February 13, 2018. A letter from a reader of Ronn Neff's column "The coming tyranny: After finding the flue" (January 29) has prompted a substantial reply from Mr. Neff. Given its grave subject matter, I hesitate to admit that I found his reply not only illuminating but also entertaining. That may help demonstrate what an odd bunch we TLDers really are, but I think it also shows the range of Mr. Neff's intelligence and the power of his writing.

I thank our reader for prodding Mr. Neff to expand on his subject so eloquently.

"Reply to a reader about 'The coming tyranny' — The question of hope"

Mr. Neff's original column.

January 29, 2018. In a new "Unsilent Truth" column, senior editor Ronn Neff observes the mental trajectory of our enemies — both those now in power and those screaming for it — and assesses our prospects. This is not a counsel of despair but an outburst of realism:

"The coming tyranny: After finding the flue"

January 18, 2018. Reviewing a book by conservative Mark Levin, Paul LeMoyne plumbs the possibilities of a constitutional convention and the challenges inherent in it:

"Mark Levin's Liberty Amendments"

December 21, 2017. Recent progress in the free, voluntary, market-driven suppression of dissent has provoked Paul LeMoyne to perpetrate a new essay:

"Libertarianism 101 and the 'Twitter purge'"
Should partisans of liberty really just shrug in the face of such developments?

Further reading: "Polite totalitarianism," by Ronald N. Neff.

November 6, 2017. There's trouble — bad trouble — in the senior ruling party!

It's fun to watch, but unlike folks at some fora, here at TLD we avoid making the assumption that the enemy of our enemy is our friend. And of our enemies, we never stop asking: What are they up to? Senior editor Ronn Neff makes all of that clear in a new "Unsilent Truth" column, mordant and wise:

"The preening silence of Donna Brazile: 'Come fish with me, said the fisherman to the worm'"

October 17, 2017. Writing the promos for TLD articles has always been my toughest job as editor. I always worry about how to do them justice without lapsing into blurbish Cliché World. The task becomes much harder when there falls into my hands a red-hot masterpiece that should become a classic, if only we can make enough intelligent readers aware of its existence and persuade them to read it.

I now introduce such an essay, senior editor Ronn's Neff's "Libertarians are inherently anti-Semitic and racist / And there's nothing they can do about it."

It is the culmination of long observation and much thought about libertarians, their movement, their mutagenic environment, and their fate.

As such, it is also a chronicle of corruption.

I urge you to read it, think about it, comment on it, and — please! — let your libertarian friends know about it.

P.S. If you're an editor or publisher on the Net, feel free to repost Mr. Neff's piece, giving him and The Last Ditch appropriate credit, and providing a link to our original post. Please write me for further information.

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