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November 6, 2017.  There's trouble — bad trouble — in the senior ruling party!

It's fun to watch, but unlike folks at some fora, here at TLD we avoid making the assumption that the enemy of our enemy is our friend. And of our enemies, we never stop asking: What are they up to? Senior editor Ronn Neff  makes all of that clear in a new "Unsilent Truth"  column, mordant and wise:

"The preening silence of Donna Brazile: 'Come fish with me, said the fisherman to the worm'"

October 17, 2017. Writing the promos for TLD articles has always been my toughest job as editor. I always worry about how to do them justice without lapsing into blurbish Cliché World. The task becomes much harder when there falls into my hands a red-hot masterpiece that should become a classic, if only we can make enough intelligent readers aware of its existence and persuade them to read it.

I now introduce such an essay, senior editor Ronn's Neff's "Libertarians are inherently anti-Semitic and racist / And there's nothing they can do about it."

It is the culmination of long observation and much thought about libertarians, their movement, their mutagenic environment, and their fate.

As such, it is also a chronicle of corruption.

I urge you to read it, think about it, comment on it, and — please! — let your libertarian friends know about it.

P.S. If you're an editor or publisher on the Net, feel free to repost Mr. Neff's piece, giving him and The Last Ditch appropriate credit, and providing a link to our original post. Please write me for further information.

September 12, 2017. We at TLD continue to be history-minded, despite the ruling of the Zeitgeist that it's all irrelevant, so here comes Paul LeMoyne with an essay referring to a time in the past and to past events. They don't seem so ancient to me, but then I'm pretty ancient myself:

" 'Barry Goldwater wants to take your Social Security away' "
Mr. LeMoyne writes also of the present, and even a little about a possible future. History-minded folk sometimes do that, because we imagine that human actions are connected in time.

August 23, 2017. I told senior editor Ronn Neff that he had found an ingenious approach for this essay. I might also have told him that it reflects an incisive historical perspective:

"A parable: Arithmetic and the end of the state"

July 28, 2017. Splendid news! A fresh dispatch from Miss Sally Druthers has dropped into our mailbox, wending its way to us from our old friend's mostly undisclosed location. Sally goes deep in this one — she's a deep thinker! — and, as always, Strakon strives to provide a meaningful and encouraging reply.

"The total workplace; plus the sun and the planets"

July 25, 2017. Paul LeMoyne returns! Unlike last time, he doesn't have a modest proposal; instead, just some modest observations. If you will. To start with, there's been yet another untoward brouhaha having to do with airline passengers — actually, would-be airline passengers.

"What's the problem with leggings?"

July 7, 2017. There are a few basic political ideas that those who made it through the state schooling system are still supposed to believe in and maybe even think about on Independence Day. In his latest Unsilent Truth column, senior editor Ronn Neff looks at a certain policy of leviathan and poses a question having to do with those old American ideas. In so doing, he takes us on a little tour of a part of the world you may not have thought about recently.

"'Representation' / You've consented to everything, right?"
Leave it to us failures of the schooling system to ask silly questions!

June 21, 2017. I welcome a gifted new writer to TLD, one whom I hope we will be seeing much more of: Paul LeMoyne. I'm an old non-believer, as is well known, but Mr. LeMoyne's appeal touches even my heart. I'm betting it will touch yours, too:

"Prayerful wishes for John McCain."
You may even be inspired to propose others in public life for whose benefit we might send up entreaties.

May 28, 2017. On the occasion of Memorial Day weekend, senior editor Ronn Neff wrote this Unsilent Truth column reminding us of some appropriate gratitude, and its appropriate recipients:

"'Thank you for your service' / 2600 years of benefaction."

May 25, 2017. Fiat justitia ruat cælum! Libertarians of a certain (advanced) age may remember rollicking debates over land reform in which the question came down to, Do the Indians rightfully own American cities, including the buildings, which they have a right to demolish; or could they be justly satisfied merely with collecting ground rent? Oh, very well, that's something of a caricature — but only slightly so. And the whole thing did bother me. How in the world could it ever be sorted out? Didn't we have to sort it out?

Seeing his latest incisive essay, I told senior editor Ronn Neff that he had scratched an itch of long standing.

"'Doin' right ain't got no end' / Natural rights and past wrongs"

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