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July 7, 2017.  There are a few basic political ideas that those who made it through the state schooling system are still supposed to believe in and maybe even think about on Independence Day. In his latest Unsilent Truth column, senior editor Ronn Neff looks at a certain policy of leviathan and poses a question having to do with those old American ideas. In so doing, he takes us on a little tour of a part of the world you may not have thought about recently.

"'Representation' / You've consented to everything, right?"
Leave it to us failures of the schooling system to ask silly questions!

June 21, 2017. I welcome a gifted new writer to TLD, one whom I hope we will be seeing much more of: Paul LeMoyne. I'm an old non-believer, as is well known, but Mr. LeMoyne's appeal touches even my heart. I'm betting it will touch yours, too:

"Prayerful wishes for John McCain."
You may even be inspired to propose others in public life for whose benefit we might send up entreaties.
May 28, 2017. On the occasion of Memorial Day weekend, senior editor Ronn Neff wrote this Unsilent Truth column reminding us of some appropriate gratitude, and its appropriate recipients:
"'Thank you for your service' / 2600 years of benefaction."

May 25, 2017. Fiat justitia ruat cælum! Libertarians of a certain (advanced) age may remember rollicking debates over land reform in which the question came down to, Do the Indians rightfully own American cities, including the buildings, which they have a right to demolish; or could they be justly satisfied merely with collecting ground rent? Oh, very well, that's something of a caricature — but only slightly so. And the whole thing did bother me. How in the world could it ever be sorted out? Didn't we have to sort it out?

Seeing his latest incisive essay, I told senior editor Ronn Neff that he had scratched an itch of long standing.

"'Doin' right ain't got no end' / Natural rights and past wrongs"

May 11, 2017. It's rare to see a serious question of ethics and logic handled in such a lively manner, but senior editor Ronn Neff pulls it off with seeming ease. This essay is destined to be a favorite of mine in our TLD collection of good writings.

"Why don't I have a right to coerce you? / The path to nothingness"

May 2, 2017. Senior editor Ronn Neff realized something while browsing through an old book by Thomas Sowell on education, and he writes about that something in this Unsilent Truth column. Mr. Neff's closing packs a special punch.

"A weapon hurled at Baldur"

April 3, 2017. You've probably heard what Minitrue has had to say about Mike Pence's courtesies toward his wife. Senior editor Ronn Neff digs to the foundations in this Unsilent Truth column and identifies something that, when widely accepted, ensures that "most of the social absurdities that press upon us are inevitable."

"A nasty premise stripped bare: The unprotection of women"

March 23, 2017. In this Unsilent Truth column, senior editor Ronn Neff examines a recent atrocity occurring at a Maryland government school — and its atrocious implications. The truth is unsilent; it's just that the self-deafened will not hear it.

"The Rockville school rape: Fourteen-Year-Old Girls Don't Count"

March 7, 2017. On the eve of International Women's Day, senior editor Ronn Neff in this Unsilent Truth column illuminates for us what the Day cannot be and what (suitably reformed) it can be. Here's just a taste, from the early going: "... [T]he day is a complete fraud, and it is not officially observed in countries that have retained a marginal amount of sanity."

"The flowering of Women's Day"

March 5, 2017. From the beginning I've found Donald Trump a somewhat slippery and amorphous concept. Yes, it's easy enough — and certainly correct — to label him a giant-government authoritarian of chaotic mind, but where do we go from there? Well, when I saw the title that David T. Wright proposed for his report on Trump's speech to the joint session, I said to myself, Oh, yeah! That guy! Right!

"Every man a king"

February 28, 2017. We modern market anarchists have some bones that must be picked with the old-time anarchists and modern left-anarchists. And the latter pick away at us, too, on those occasions when they deign to recognize our existence. But reviewing Keith Preston's Tyranny of the Politically Correct: Totalitarianism in the Postmodern Age, senior editor Ronn Neff finds something quite different from the usual denunciations:

"Among left-anarchists, a startling exception"

February 21, 2017. I'm all excited again! We've just received a new letter from our old friend Sally Druthers! Sally has developed a new interest, as only she can, and it has generated heaps and bushels of questions in her busy mind, as usual. This time she has elicited a response that is ... well ... perhaps "cautionary" is the right word:

"Questions about robots are permitted at present."

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