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I regret to report that the booklets published by WTM Enterprises  in the 1990s are no longer available for purchase. Persecution by the Indiana Tax Police has rendered any retail sales inadvisable — even sales to customers outside Indiana.

Those booklets include:

"Polite Totalitarianism" and Other Essays by Ronn Neff. "PT" is the first of the TLD "foundational essays," by our senior editor.

Dark Suits and Red Guards by Nicholas Strakon. "DSARG" is the second of our "foundational essays," by me, the editor-in-chief.

Two Essays on Race by Nicholas Strakon, including "Sweeping Rand's barnyard: Racism and individualism" (posted in full text) and "A two-legged stool: Statism and bad culture as explanations for black failure."

Repatriating the West by Ronn Neff (posted in full text).

Lost Causes: The Scots, the Confederates, Christians in the Episcopal Church by Sarah Knox Taylor

Honorary Aryans by Sarah Knox Taylor, subtitled, "It's not nice to say so, but some foreigners are, well, foreign" and consisting of observations on the Japanese.

Over the coming months, I plan to post most of the pieces that are as yet unposted, beginning with "Polite Totalitarianism" and "Dark Suits and Red Guards."

Nicholas Strakon
February 16, 2007