Karp Corner
A Guide to on-line essays by Walter Karp

  • Editor’s Note
    Nicholas Strakon’s introduction to The Last Ditch, May 3, 1996, an issue devoted to the work of Walter Karp.
  • Interview with Walter Karp
    Interviewed by his daughter, Jane; American Heritage, 1989; volume 40, issue 7; off-site.
  • The Neff-Karp Letters
    Correspondence between Walter Karp and Ronald Neff, October 30, 1984–January 26, 1985; The Last Ditch, May 3, 1996
  • Republic or Nation? Defining America
    Originally published in Harper’s, July 1979, and titled “Republican Virtues.” This text comes from a reprint from the Council for a Competitive Economy; the essay also appears in Buried Alive: Essays on Our Endangered Republic (a posthumously gathered collection of Walter Karp’s essays edited by Lewis Lapham and Ellen Rosenbush) under the title “The Two Americas.”
  • The Teaching of History,
    Harper’s Magazine, May 1980; off-site.
  • Why Johnny Can’t Think: The Politics of Bad Schooling
    Harper’s Magazine, June 1985; off-site.
  • A Return to the Roots of Feminism [excerpted]
    Horizon, Spring 1972; off-site.
  • The Old Cause — Walter Karp (1934–1989): War Critic and Republican Theorist
    An appreciation by Joseph R. Stromberg; antiwar.com, January 31, 2000; off-site.
  • Eternal Vigilance and The Duty to Dissent,
    An appreciation by David Dieteman; LewRockwell.com; November 14, 2001; off-site.
  • Buried Alive: Essays on Our Endangered Republic
    A review by George Scialabb of a posthumous collection of Walter Karp’s essays; The Nation, August 23, 1993; off-site.
  • Obituary
    By Lewis Lapham; Harper’s Magazine, October 1989; off-site; available by subscription only.
  • Harper’s Magazine
          o  Essays available by subscription to the magazine’s website.
  • American Heritage
          o  Essays


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