Recovering Sobran

Joe Sobran’s website, though no longer active, is still archived on the Internet. While some of the features on that website are no longer available (e.g., getting text versions of the columns mailed to the reader) and some of the button links no longer work, the essays and columns he wrote for it are all still available.

What are not always still available, however, are many of the essays that were listed as being hosted on other sites. For various reasons, the sites no longer exist or have been reorganized and the corresponding links on are now broken. It is the purpose of this page to find those essays and list them here with links that work.

I will also be on the lookout for essays or columns that were never published or listed on the website.

I should mention that I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the text on any websites except for those that appear on or this one. I am confident, however, that if you find infelicities of grammar or sentence structure, they are errors that crept into the publishing process. They are not Joe’s. Moreover, the dates shown below are the dates given by the site on which the article appears; many of them are certainly wrong, but they indicate that the article was published before that date.

Also included are two specialty collections.

The centerpiece of this collection is (finally!) a carefully proofread edition of “Pensées,” a long essay that appeared in the 30th anniversary issue of National Review and which is otherwise available on the Internet only in incomplete texts and on subscriber-based sites.

With the exception of Alias Shakespeare (in the blue border and available from, Joe's books and booklets are available from the Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation.

A guide to the columns on the Sobran website and to the text editions of Joe’s monthly newsletter, SOBRAN’S: The Real News of the Month, is available here. 





Hear Joe read Section 3 here.

  • Joe Sobran on ‘Shakespeare’
    Collecting articles and columns on one of his favorite subjects.  
  • Sobran’s Cynosure 
    Sparkling definitions to guide you through the morass of modern political jargon.

  •  American Palestinian Boy Tortured, Slain (08/28/1989)
  •  The Babe’s Edge (5/31/2006)
  •  Bobby Fischer’s Dumbest Move (10/19/1992)
  •  The Case for the Confederacy (date unknown; posted 8/30/1999)
    A controversy settled by force, not reason
  •  Conserving and Destroying (9/1/1995)
  •  The Da Vinci Gospel (5/29/2006)
  •  Did Israel Deliberately Allow 241 American Marines to Die? (10/1990[?])
    Mounting a direct attack on America’s freedom of the press
  •  Fear of the Smear (4/08/2006)
  •  Free Pollard, Our Scapegoat (1/1/1991)
  •  Getting to Know WFB (10/3/2010)
    His final statement
  •  Hard Sayings ( gives the date as 11/17/1998; my source gives 12/03/98.)
  •  Johnson’s Conduct toward Israel Approached Treason (1/1/1989)
  •  Let’s Represent U.S. Interests for Once, Instead of Israel’s (1/1/1981)
  •  Near-Victims (03/1997)
  •  Summoning the Spirit of James MadisonYou have to scroll down a little way before coming to Joe’s piece.
  •  Teach Your Children Well (08/23/1999)
  •  Why We Few Criticize Israel (1/1/2001)





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