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To the editor ...

And what part of billionaires paying a lower percentage of taxes than I did while raising kids and putting them through college does Dr. Audie find most appealing?

Angela Johnson
(Letter unsigned; name taken
from e-mail return address.)
April 13, 2010


Joseph Audie replies

I don't find that appealing; I think it's criminal. But that's what must eventually happen when the state becomes unshackled from the constraints of ancient wisdom and is placed in charge of all things — one group of people, generally exorbitantly wealthy and powerful people, grab control of the state, and plunder the rest of us.

April 16, 2010

Nicholas Strakon comments

Plunder is right. I'm uncertain why our reader posed her question to Dr. Audie of all people, but in the wake of Tax Day 2010 — or any day, for that matter — I can't do better than repeat the old libertarian mantra: Taxation is robbery.

April 16, 2010

Nicholas Strakon is editor-in-chief of The Last Ditch.

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