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"We're so wonderful!"


To the editor ...

Dr. Audie should be commended for giving America the acclaim it so richly deserves. But I am afraid he is still being too modest, for how else could he ignore the crowning jewel of our national greatness, the feat of killing over 50 million of our fellow countrymen by abortion? How bold of the state to grant us this celestial article called Choice, not to do heinous things like drink raw milk or self-medicate, of course, but the freedom to slaughter our own progeny with industrial efficiency! This body count dwarfs the paltry accomplishments of that singular evil called Hitler, and even humbles the achievements of that exemplar Uncle Joe Stalin. In the annals of all things beautiful, humane, and liberating, this is the summit!

Just last night, I heard a room full of staunch social conservatives boo the Golden Rule on national television — and these are supposed to be the defenders of what is good and virtuous! I'm sure they would protest that they weren't really booing the commands of Christ, of course; it's just that they were so outraged that someone thought the United State might ever have done anything wrong to benighted heathen nations like Iran that they just couldn't control themselves.

I am convinced that most modern Americans are bloodthirsty narcissists, and the only thing they like better than putting the boot leather to some poor fellow's throat is to hear how kind, generous, and tolerant they are while they do it. The unabashed incuriosity, hostility to thought, the bellicose self-righteousness, the "disinterested disposition to punish"... We are a sorry, scary lot indeed. It is a wonder that God stays His mighty hand.

Mike DiBaggio
January 17, 2012;
posted January 26, 2012


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