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Editor's note

I thank the International Society for Individual Liberty and its president, Vince Miller, for their kind permission to post this series and also to adapt, as a background graphic, the art appearing on the cover of The Individualist for May 1971. That art is the work of Bob Leet. (Contact information for ISIL appears near the bottom of this page.)

According to Ronn Neff, senior editor of The Last Ditch, "Anarchism & Justice" by Roy A. Childs, Jr. is the libertarian philosopher's "largest — though incomplete — work on anarchism." Interested readers may learn more by consulting Mr. Neff's masterly essay "Roy Childs on anarchism," especially part four. (For your convenience, these links each open a new window.)

This important series by Mr. Childs first appeared in The Individualist in 1971 and 1972, published serially in nine sections grouped into four parts. Part 5, consisting of sections X and XI, was projected but never submitted for publication; the current location of that unpublished material, if it exists, is unknown. For further information, see this note to Mr. Neff's essay. (Roy Childs died in 1992.)

We have in hand all of the material that was published, and we intend to post the successive parts of it on a regular basis. Mr. Neff and I seek to preserve and present Mr. Childs's text in its original form; but for the reader's benefit I do venture to silently correct a few punctuation errors and misspellings.

I am proud to be able to declare that this is the first Internet posting of "Anarchism & Justice." I have to point out that, for a forum with the word "Last" in its name, The Last Ditch is starting to have an interesting number of "firsts" to its credit.

And speaking of credit, I must credit Mr. Neff with doing the heavy lifting for this project. For that matter, if it were not for his energy and persistence, "Anarchism & Justice" would not finally be arriving on the Net. Mr. Neff has become one of the leading "trustees" of his old friend's precious intellectual legacy. If we anarchists decorated our comrades for distinguished service, we would owe Mr. Neff a big shiny medal.

Nicholas Strakon
Editor-in-chief, The Last Ditch
November 28, 2004


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