The TLD Department of Hate.


Ten reasons
to hate TLD


Nailed to our door


1. You are Hateful because you refuse to accept that authoritarian regimes always have your best interests at heart.

2. Your insistence that you have a right to maintain control over property you own is selfish and, therefore, Hateful.

3. Your contention that environmental science is not always valid is dangerous to the Earth and therefore an act of Hatred.

4. You have not been supportive of efforts to accord human rights to domestic animals and are therefore inhumane and a reservoir of Hatred.

5. By attempting to interfere with government's sincere desire to make the world a better place, you have demonstrated that you are mean-spirited and Hate-driven.

6. Free speech, which you support, can be insensitive to the rights of others to live in peace and dignity and is therefore Hateful.

7. Your lack of support for international solutions to the problems of the world unmasks you as a Hateful nationalist opposed to world government.

8. Because you are standing between me and what I want, you are full of Hate.

9. Your refusal to tell me what I want to hear is an act of Hate.

10. Because I do not like you or the things for which you stand, it is obvious that you are the very embodiment of Hate.

August 26, 2002


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