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Nicholas Strakon comments

Back in the days when I worked in daily journalism and few people outside of Texas had heard of Little Bush, I copy-edited (for local publication) a highly disturbing Scripps-Howard piece about another of leviathan's glorious adventures in tyranny, namely, the Drug War. The DEA had assigned agents to airports with orders to terrorize deplaning passengers and rob them of any "suspicious" amounts of cash they might be carrying. I assume some of that still goes on. Apart from the robbery itself, perhaps the most remarkable revelation was what various agents looked for in order to decide which passengers to harass.

Some looked for people fitting someone's idea of a criminal profile.

Others looked for those who just seemed odd in some way.

And still others looked for those who seemed too calm and too conventional.

The war has changed — or at least there's a new perpetual war to go along with the old perpetual war — but it appears that secret-police tactics have not changed very much. And why should they? As Mr. Wright has reminded us before, we are the Enemy.

        Nicholas Strakon is editor of The Last Ditch.

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