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The genie is out of the bottle, or,
Who can't see
the elephant in the room?




As the countdown begins for the Middle East holocaust, a couple of events have allowed, or forced, the mainstream media to break silence on that great taboo, Jewish influence over U.S. Middle East policy.

The initial genie-summoning was conducted by Jim Moran, who is (at least as of this writing) a U.S. congressman from the suburban Virginia district across the Potomac from Washington City. Irish Jim was meeting with some of his antiwar constituents, and after saying how overt opposition to the war could politically destroy the Democratic Party, he went on to deal with the real powers in politics.

"If it were not for the strong support of the Jewish community for this war with Iraq, we would not be doing this," he blurted. "The leaders of the Jewish community are influential enough that they could change the direction of where this is going, and I think they should." (David Harrison, "Moran: War, Politics, and Inevitability: House member criticizes Jewish leaders and says Democrats won't jeopardize their re-election efforts," The Connection Newspapers, March 5, 2003)

Now, before blarneyin' like that, Moran must have downed three drams of Bushmills instead of only two. Two drinks would have been good for removing his inhibitions against uttering a tabooed truth, but the third apparently caused him to muddy his message and imply that Jews as a monolithic collectivity, or as commanded by the Elders of Zion, maybe, were pushing this war. In any case, a local paper picked up Irish Jim's intemperate words, Jewish groups glommed onto the story, and then the mainstream media had to cover it.

That, in turn, caused all hell to break loose, with Moran, heretofore a liberal in good standing, being denounced as a hatemonger by all respectable folk, forced out of his leadership position in the Democratic Party, called upon to resign his seat in Congress, and instructed to make the usual plethora of craven apologies. Irish Jim, a pugnacious boxer in his youth who still is known to threaten political foes with a punch in the kisser, has not yet performed a full Marlon Brando — going before rabbis on bended knee and tearfully begging for forgiveness — but the night is young.

Of course, the very spectacle of innumerable respectable folk falling all over themselves to vehemently condemn Moran's utterances might lead the skeptical individual to think that those very utterances might contain some element of truth that's not supposed to see the light of day; but being a skeptical individual these days is just not patriotic.


Irish Jim brought out into the open the subject of Jewish power as it relates to the impending war, but Pat Buchanan gave it true focus in his bombshell article "Whose War?", naming the culprits in the neocon cabal who are actually spearheading the war movement. The Pat presents the warmongering of the cabal members in their own words, and he connects the dots. Turns out that people such as Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, David Wormser, Paul Wolfowitz are strong supporters of the Israeli Right, and that the first three are even on record as having advised the Israeli government to engage in a Middle Eastern war. All four are now in the Bush administration, and America's plan for a Middle Eastern war looks suspiciously like what they have been advocating for years. Buchanan makes the obvious connection, which in degree of difficulty is on the order of adding 1 and 1 and coming up with 2.

Granted, The Pat does not really break new ground; lesser lights have already pointed out the very same thing. But Buchanan's celebrity status has pushed the subject into the national limelight. (I've been told that The Pat's article was quite similar in places to a certain lengthy piece that previously appeared here at TLD, but I am unable to confirm that, having dozed off somewhere around footnote 23.)

Now let me do a little apologizing. I've been hard on The American Conservative (where Buchanan's article appears in the March 24 issue), claiming that it was going PC. I'm not exactly taking that back, but it just may be that part of editor Scotty McConnell's grand strategy was to provide cover to allow for Buchanan's hard-hitting piece. As I wrote in my critique of TAC's smear of Kevin MacDonald: "It looks to be a proactive approach, aimed at creating a record of anti-anti-Semitism in order to preemptively ward off future charges of anti-Semitism." I don't care for that approach, personally, but the appearance of Buchanan's article constitutes partial redemption.


With the genie out of the bottle, Secretary of State Colin Powell, continuing in his Uncle Tom role, was actually forced to answer a question on the hyper-delicate subject. Powell said that American foreign policy "is not driven by any small cabal that is buried away somewhere.'' Rather, Powell blathered, American policy was "driven by our own national interests. It is driven by us trying to help the United Nations do its job. It is driven by our concern for the people of Iraq."

Given that drivelous "response," one is tempted to urge Powell to look a little more carefully for the not-all-that-deeply-buried Zionist cabal in the administration woodpile. Such subservient steppin' 'n' fetchin' on Powell's part must delight Messrs. Perle, Wolfowitz, Feith, and the rest of the cabal — at least Powell must hope it does. However, Powell's Cabal Denial statement is reminiscent of Tricky Dick's famous proclamation, "I am not a crook." Let us hope it will be no more successful in warding off a true discussion of the actual state of affairs, even though such a discussion is one more thing that probably wouldn't be patriotic these days.

March 16, 2003

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