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Neocons "out" Cindy Sheehan
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When it comes to smearing, no one can do a better job than the neocons. And the vanguard of the neocon smearbund is the FrontPage smearsite run by David Horowitz. Now, old David started out as a Stalinist red-diaper baby, and during the Vietnam War years he edited Ramparts magazine, a leading New Lefty periodical, and penned such anti-U.S.-imperialist classics as The Free World Colossus. But some years ago David underwent a conversion experience. He now sees the light and identifies 200 percent with U.S. imperialism, insofar as it is oriented toward advancing the interests of that faraway country symbolized by the Star of David.

Under Horowitz's leadership, FrontPage stampedes onto difficult ground where most of the most brazen would fear to tread. The target now is Cindy Sheehan, whose soldier son Casey was killed in Iraq and who is now calling for the U.S. military to withdraw from Iraq. In recent weeks Mrs. Sheehan has been protesting outside the presidential ranch at Crawford, Texas, where the Dodo-in-Chief is currently vacationing by cutting brush, falling off bicycles, and pursuing other diversions consonant with the imperial dignity.

Mrs. Sheehan is demanding that Dubya explain his conduct of the war in Iraq. "I want to ask the president, 'Why did you kill my son? What did my son die for?'" Sheehan told reporters. "[Bush recently] said my son died for a noble cause, and I want to ask him what that noble cause is." Of course, for Dubya to answer would be beyond his ken since he has not actually been conducting the war on Iraq, though he has heard some second-hand accounts of the conflict from Uncle Dick, Wolfie, Scooter, and that bunch.

As we all know, the war's "noble cause" keeps changing. I think the most recent is the traditional, if somewhat circular, we are fighting so our valiant troops will not have died in vain formula, which may sound familiar to those with a little interest in history. Or is it to avoid a bloodbath if America departs? It's so hard to keep up. Anyhow, beyond whining that "we're there now, so we gotta stay," Dubya would have a tricky time explaining why the United States attacked Iraq in the first place. He seems to think, sorta kinda, that it had something to do with 9/11, which was some type of terrible event that almost interrupted his reading of the exciting "My Pet Goat" story.

The United States being a perfect democracy — government by, for, of, with, and over and under the people, or however it goes — it is understandable that Dubya is avoiding, like the plague, any communication with Mrs. Sheehan. As one wag has put it, Bush is avoiding her as if he owes her child support. (Recollections of the previous President may actually have inspired that quip.) Anyhow, to alter the memorable saying of the late Joe Louis, Dubya can run and also hide from Mrs. Sheehan, but he can't (yet) extinguish her presence from the vicinity of his ranch.

Tragically for Our Democratic Way of Life, Cindy Sheehan's vigil outside the Bush ranch is winning a lot of public attention. And the number of people involved in her protest keeps increasing. As the mother of a soldier killed in action she holds much moral capital. Not to mention, when the organization she heads, Gold Star Families for Peace, castigates a war "based on horrendous lies and deceptions," it is telling the unvarnished truth. Well, that sort of thing could cause serious problems for the warfolk — in the worse-case scenario it could lead to peace! And that is where the FrontPage character-assassination team comes in: "Sheehan delenda est," to paraphrase Cato the Elder.

Sliming a grieving Gold Star mom is clearly a difficult undertaking, because regular folks usually have genuine sympathy for such people. But Ben Johnson of FrontPage proves he's up to the task in his article of August 12, "Exploiting the Dead." Of Mrs. Sheehan he writes: "She has taken advantage of her status as an aggrieved mother to spread her poisonous brand of far-Left politics. Her natural target was the Iraq War." That's telling it, Ben: don't let feckless sympathy interfere with the objective truth. Obviously, only someone suffering from far-Left lunacy could possibly be critical of America's splendid little war in Iraq.

The ever-assiduous Ben points out that Mrs. Sheehan is such a wild-eyed leftist radical as to claim that "this aggression on Iraq was based on a lie of historic proportions and was blatantly unnecessary." Outright Communism! Must have been thought up by the Soviet Politburo before it went out of business. Claiming that the WMD lie was of "historic proportions" is as bad as the bleating of those furriners who compare the American prison at Gitmo with Stalin's Gulag. True, the WMD story was a total fabrication intended to start a war, but its impact for mankind certainly can't compare in the least with the tall tale the serpent told Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Our Ben goes further and documents all the pinkos, lefties, weirdos, and plain old America-haters who have appeared near, supported, or gotten their names on the same page as Mrs. Sheehan. If she can somehow be connected to all those seditious rascals she jes' cain't be up to no good. Ah, if only the House Un-American Activities Committee could be reconstituted, she'd be the first person to be yanked in and ordered to Name Names or be jugged.

Worse yet, and hard as it is to believe, subversive Cindy goes so far as to want to deny military recruiters access to high-school student directories! That's because the wicked Comrade Sheehan knows it'd be hard to invade all those foreign countries if the military couldn't hoodwink ignorant, impressionable, hormone-charged teenagers. You can actually get 17- and 18-year-old boys to sign up using such lines as:

     "You think you're tough; prove it and join the Marines."
     "That Army uniform is a real babe-magnet."
     "We got some real cool stuff you can use to, like, blow stuff up and whatever."
     "Those broads in South Bublatania are really stacked, and they'll do anything for a few dollah Amellican. It ain't like Pumpkinville, Indiana, kid!"

And for the more serious and less macho: "You'll learn many valuable skills in the military that will get you a Goood Jawb when you return to civilian life." Actually, this one is true, assuming our lad (or lassie) survives and pursues a career as a mercenary warrior.

Run those lines by hundreds of thousands of high-school students and you're bound to find enough suckers to fill the recruitment quotas. Without those names, however, the Pentagon would be in a deep vat of kimchee.

Sheehan's diabolical effort to stop America's imperialist wars is not only overtly unpatriotic but also, as Marshal Ben points out, a "violation of section 9528 of the 'No Child Left Behind' Act." My Gawd, not a violation of section 9528 of the "No Child Left Behind" Act! The Ten Commandments don't hold a candle to that fundamental Law of Man and the Universe! Indubitably, Comrade Sheehan is toying with a capital offense!

Can this arrogant woman really, literally, honestly want the Pentagon to leave some children behind? The idea!

Before typing more exclamation points, old H.G. thought he should breeze through the 1,351-page "No Child Left Behind" Act to find out exactly what section 9528 had to say. Sad to say, after fourteen hours of perusing the fine print I wasn't able to find it. Maybe it's buried in Section 4B, Subpart 63k; or perhaps it's wandering around somewhere in Appendix Q. No matter. Comrade Commissar Cindy is obviously a reckless and desperate criminal. The Texas Rangers'd better grab hold of her before she starts proposing the violation of other major federal laws, not to mention those state laws her encampment must be violating. Isn't the Ranch Loitering Act of 1837, promulgated by Sam Houston himself, still on the books? What about some enactment from the Spanish land-grant era? We can't have unruly campesinos pestering rancheros grandes like Don Jorge de Bush.

Though he doesn't find a federal law to threaten her with in this case, Patriot Ben also points out how Subversive Cindy is seeking to undermine the entire American military with her manipulative religious talk: "An online interview reveals that after defining 'supporting war and killing' as 'anti-Gospel, anti-religion, and anti-Christ,' she told American troops they were being 'misused,' and finally exhorted them: 'Refuse to kill innocent people.'" Now that is dangerous talk, and if we're not careful it could really hit home with the more naive among God-fearing folk.

At the same time Christian scholars such as the scribes at FrontPage clearly understand that it's absolutely heretical. To say that killing innocent people in war contravenes Christ's teaching — well, that's pure blasphemous baloney. It certainly runs afoul of the theology practiced at the Rever'nd Bobby Joe Jeeter Bible College. Why, if Jesus were back on Earth today he'd be right up front, pushing the button to nuke those ragheads. Maybe a Miracle of the Nukes and the Missiles would even be in the offing.

Moreover, for the Commie Trickster Sheehan to tell soldiers to refuse to kill innocent people is downright un-American. How can you fight a great patriotic imperialist war without killing innocent people? Urging the heroic citizen-soldier to disobey orders must be a serious federal offense even if Barrister Ben hasn't come across it yet in his studies of the criminal code. Cindy Sheehan threatens to undermine the entire war system and, along with it, Democracy As We Know It.

In terms of the unwritten law (unwritten so far on these shores), Stalinoid Apparatchik Sheehan commits the most serious crime of all: she's an anti-Semite! So predictable. She actually comes out and says that the war is being fought for a "PNAC Neo-Con agenda to benefit Israel." Bright Ben ferrets out exactly what this abhorrent Commie-Nazi is implying: "Neo-cons are Jews; therefore, the war on Iraq was cooked up by a 'cabal' of rapacious Jews to benefit the nation of Israel." (In case you've forgotten, PNAC stands for the Project for a New American Century. How could anyone criticize a fine-sounding cabal like that?)

Editor's note. After we posted this article, it came to our attention that in an interview August 10, Mrs. Sheehan claimed that the quote about PNAC was made up: she says she never said it, and she is charging the person she says was reponsible for it with "anti-Semitism." — Nicholas Strakon, August 20.

But Dr. Johnson only softens up Cindy Sheehan with some opening punches. You could actually think of him as Gentle Ben compared with slimer-in-chief David Horowitz, who throws one sleazy haymaker after another at the lady. Dreadnought David writes in his blog for August 13:

The mother also knows what she's doing. The mother's screeching hatred for her country and its mission is saying this to her son: "You are an idiot who made yourself a tool of American imperialism, a cancer on the world. You are a tool of the Jews (this is literally what she has said, which is no surprise having fallen in with leftwing fascists who have already poisoned the public discourse with Jew hatred and demonic conspiracy theories). I'm ashamed of you, my son, and what you stood for in your life." That is Cindy Sheehan's real message to her son, if you have ears to hear it.
Yes, indeedy, Defamation Dave depicts hateful Commie-Nazi Cindy to a tee: "A mother with any decency would not have conducted this campaign in behalf of America's domestic enemies who preferred Saddam Hussein to us, and who have dedicated themselves to an internal war against this country, against the Iraqi people and against people all over the world who want their freedom." Obviously Cindy loves Saddam Hussein. And she wants to destroy freedom everywhere. If Subversive Sheehan had her way everyone in the world would be in chains or dead. That should be apparent to all.

Dauntless Davey presses on: "The bloodbath that Cindy Sheehan is working to achieve in Iraq will spread throughout the Middle East and Europe and into the United States if she and the Michael Moores behind her are successful." It's all perfectly clear: our very lives are on the line; we have to get rid of Cindy before she kills all of us. It's an obvious case of self-defense.

Detective David fully understands Subversive Cindy's calculated strategy of preying on the compassion of Americans in order to destroy our homeland. The goodness of the American people is obviously a fatal weakness:

By conducting a psychological warfare campaign against their own country whose aim is to cripple our military mission in Iraq and our ability to defend ourself against a savage enemy Cindy Sheehan and her supporters have forfeited our sympathies. The fact that these people are using compassion to help destroy us make them more reprehensible not less. Grief is one thing; treason in wartime is quite another.
So there we have the "t" word at last. And it is so plain — isn't it? — that using the false-compassion ploy to question the war is a psywar ruse straight out of Herr Goebbels's book. Trrrreason indeed! Cindy Sheehan should be fried up as crispy as the Rosenbergs.

What will Peace Nazi Cindy do next: deny the Holocaust? Why, she's such a nefarious figure it's impossible to believe that she actually is a mother, much less the mother of a fallen soldier. She's probably some impostor — mayhap an over-the-hill Vegas hooker — set up by the forces of evil to destroy American freedom and bankrolled by those mad Mullahs in Teheran to weaken American resistance before they launch their nuclear sneak attack. Put her away immediately. Invoke the Patriot Act. Send her to Gitmo. Send her to Abu Ghraib. Electrocute the trrrraitoressss. Let's act while there's still time to save America!

Yes, sir — we've got to rid ourselves of Cindy Sheehan and all other such troublemakers so we can get back to our wonderful, eternal, miraculously expansible, absolutely non-bloodbathy war. Next stop, Iran!

August 16, 2005

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