Strakon's initial comments on the "hate group" smear.
Correspondence with MetaReligion's Webmaster.


To the editor ...


In addition to consulting MetaReligion, one good way to determine whether TLD is a "hate" Website is to see whether access to it is blocked from school computers. The ADL-concocted "hatefilter" Website blocker is widely used by schools. TLD readers with children can ask them to enter the URL of TLD [www.thornwalker.com/ditch — ed.] and its links into the school computer and see whether it will allow them to enter the Websites. The parents can then report back.

William Comer
August 26, 2002

Nicholas Strakon replies

I thank Mr. Comer for a good and interesting idea. Let's conduct a little "hatewatch" of our own!

What a delightful series of e-mail exchanges between yourself and Miss Sophia! If nothing else, I learned that one can overestimate the abilities of his enemies! Be it logic or conceptual knowledge or merely grasp of the English language, Miss Sophia has amply demonstrated that she has a ways to go before reaching the major leagues of the anti-hate industry, i.e., the SPLC and such. You have my blessings to spare yourself future expenditures of time and effort in the quest to understand what drives this particular group.

August 25, 2002

Nicholas Strakon replies

I thank Mr. D.R. Indeed, I intend to extinguish my correspondence with Miss Sophia, even if she is inclined to pursue it. But I think I do have a responsibility to comment, right here on the TLD site, on the whole Hate Business — and that I will do.

Anent Mr. D.R.'s comments that Miss Sophia "has a ways to go before reaching the major leagues," I certainly concur. It's funny how often I find myself plundering the cinematic Godfather Saga for apposite sayings. In the present context I am reminded of Michael Corleone's warning, in "Godfather III," I believe, that "our real enemy has yet to reveal himself." (Of course he has revealed himself quite openly to others whom he means to destroy. Just not to us, not yet.)

I suppose it seems natural to consult the wisdom of Don Michael because, after all, we are ruled by gangsters.

You know who's the real hate group, don't you? The Amish. Oh sure, they come off as decent and folksy and quaint with their simplified lifestyles and dignified ways. But they're separatists! They contribute to their community and their community alone — building homes, raising barns, and tilling the soil for each other, educating their Amish young in segregated Amish schools. Do you see them contributing to the black or Catholic or "gay" communities? No, they disassociate from those communities. They discriminate against them. I'm all in favor of the First Amendment and all that crap, but a church that discriminates can't possibly be BATF-approved. This is a sure recipe for Balkanization. Armed camps are bound to spring up, and we'll be at each other's throat — killing, stealing, and raping. It's an outrage, I tell you!

Do you hear me, federales? We want Showtime! If the Department of Imperial Mischief ... er, uh ... Defense can shrug off the Vietnam Syndrome, isn't it about time you guys shrug off Ruby Ridge and Waco? Now get out there and kick some Amish butt!

Tony Pivetta
Royal Oak, Michigan
August 27, 2002

Nicholas Strakon replies

Mr. Pivetta is certainly correct: it's an outrage that the sinister Amish, anti-social running dogs of Reaction and White Supremacy, are permitted to continue in our midst — or, rather, continue to refuse to be in our midst. Several Amish communities are situated not too far from TLD World Headquarters, so we are all too familiar with the disruptive presence — or, rather, absence — of these muscularly mystical cultists.

Item: It is rumored that their dark cabals are conducted in German. That's right: the lingo of Schikelgruber himself! Item: It is strongly suspected that Amish parents routinely deny their children access not only to Showtime but also to MTV. Where are the Child Protective Agencies!? Item: It is well known that the Amish are pacifists, and thus hesitant to participate in the permanent crusade to Amurrkinize the world through humanitarian bombing! Item (this one is for mature audiences only): It is a known fact that all Amish regularly consume real butter!

Rest assured that, when TLD establishes its own list of Hate Groups, this dangerous band of buggy drivers and utility spurners is going to be Group Number One.

The Department of Hate
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