To the editor ...

I do not understand why it would be particularly difficult to imagine either Bush or Powell being an astute liar. Many people are liars; it isn't especially unusual, even in the general population. Given that the men we're talking about are both executives and decision-makers in an essentially criminal enterprise, I would be greatly surprised if either one were honest or otherwise personally honorable.

I'm convinced that Bush really is a foolish man; no one who wields a normal intelligence speaks his native language so poorly. Estimating Powell is harder; he may be a dull boy, but, if so, his reserved manner doesn't betray it. Knaves or fools? Who knows? Either way, they'd look much better asking you if you wanted some hot, golden-brown fries with that.

Jim Wetzel
May 14, 2003

Steve Sniegoski replies

Dubya could probably hand out the food but he would be lost in the task of making change.


As for the notion that Bush is an honorable man, what sincere or humble man would come into office making quips such as, "Things would be a lot easier if this were a dictatorship, just as long as I'm the dictator"? Sorry, I can't reference that. I'm afraid that, as I believe someone stated on this site, it's later than we think.

S. Lemon
May 14, 2003


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