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TLD received this letter to the editor in response to our "Walter Karp issue," TLD 13. It appeared in the following issue, TLD 14, in October 1996.

Dear Mr. Strakon,

I thought your celebration of Walter Karp very fine indeed, and I'm sure that despite his disapproval of some of your revisions and corrections of his argument, he would have been pleased. Like you, I don't think that Walter gave sufficient credit to the money power; like you, I deeply regret his loss.

Lewis H. Lapham

Mr. Lapham, editor of Harper's Magazine, published articles by Walter Karp at a time when few others would consider doing so. He deserves our gratitude for helping to rescue Karp, while still alive and writing, from the almost total obscurity that has now swallowed up the writer and all his work. On account of his courageous service, Lewis H. Lapham — "liberal" though he may be — will never be indicted in the pages of TLD as an agent of the Ministry of Truth.

Nicholas Strakon

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