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If you come upon good candidates for addition to this page, please let us know. There are Karpish citations, references, and "hip hip hoorays" scattered throughout the Web, but we're looking for articles by Karp or (entirely or substantially) about him.

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By Karp: "Republic or Nation? Defining America," which begins: "Even as a schoolboy reciting the pledge of allegiance, I thought America an odd sort of place. It was not one country, apparently, but two." Downloadable as a PDF from the Karp Corner of senior editor Ronn Neff's website.

By Karp: "The Teaching of History," which begins: "Writing American history is a harmless occupation, but teaching it to American schoolchildren is a political act with far-reaching consequences."

By Karp: "Why Johnny Can't Think: The Politics of Bad Schooling," which begins: "Until very recently, remarkably little was known about what actually goes on in America's public schools."

By Karp: "A Return to the Roots of Feminism" [excerpted], which begins: "This failure [of the women's movement] must be accounted a tragic one — for women are kept from their fair share of dignity and achievement."

By Karp: "The Lie of TV's Political Power," which begins: "For several years now a goodly number of political commentators have been propounding the notion that television is a major political power in America and not merely the diverting home entertainment that most people take it to be."

About Karp: "Walter Karp (1934-1989): War Critic and Republican Theorist" by Joseph R. Stromberg: "What is republican theory? We have to ask questions like that these days, in this country, because most people have lost the thread and have little idea what the American Revolution was all about or what ideas and interests motivated those who carried it out." Posted on the Antiwar.com site.

About Karp: "Eternal Vigilance and The Duty to Dissent," by David Dieteman: "In The Politics of War, Walter Karp describes ... events of oppression which are unknown to many Americans, specifically, the oppression engineered by Woodrow Wilson, the allegedly great leader." Posted on the LewRockwell site.

About Karp: A review of Buried Alive; the reviewer is George Scialabb: "Karp was a member of not one but two endangered species: the independent scholar and the public intellectual."

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