Editor’s note

There was a time when TLD visitors could have seen PayPal donation icons littering our site: a nice convenience for those who cared to support our efforts. Then, one day about ten years ago, PayPal notified me that it had discovered "hateful, violent, or fraudulent" material at TLD, and had frozen our account.

Just what that material was, PayPal did not say.

Naturally I went to the company's site to find out. And I discovered to my astonishment that if I wished to discuss the matter with a PayPal representative, I first had to punch a button on their site certifying that I had removed the offending material.

Whatever it was.

I had never before encountered such a repellent combination of the Orwellian and the Kafkaesque. Needless to say, I let the 180-day freeze expire and hastily withdrew what little money was in our account. PayPal then canceled it.

If those people were on fire and I were nearby — well, let's just say I would hold my water. Ω

Nicholas Strakon, editor-in-chief, TLD

December 21, 2017

Published in 2017 by WTM Enterprises.

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