To the editor ...

Dear Mr. Neff:

You have caused me to look within for an explanation for the American public's madness. As one who received a thorough government-school indoctrination, I rely on articles like yours to keep me on track when presented with the tales reported in the daily news. I like to think I have a slightly higher than average intelligence and hope that will save me from sheepdom, but I have my doubts. For one thing, no one taught me how to think logically. Instead, I have been warned not to think too much about some things and not to go "witch-hunting." It has become increasingly apparent to me that it takes consistent effort and brain power to get at the truth. It is so much easier to eat at the trough and follow the herd.

Thank you for your assistance with my current pursuit of a classic liberal education.

Very truly yours,
Tracy G. Degerberg

December 27, 2001

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