To the editor ...

I've rejected the accolade! Loudly and often, to the very few my age (72) and younger or older who will even listen momentarily. I've found none who agree with us. It's hopeless. The members of my generation are in complete denial and almost all of their offspring are brain dead and don't see much wrong with the society they think they've built on the foundation their parents laid ("Man, just look at the fabulous state of the economy!"), so how could their parents or grandparents be anything but the "greatest."

All of the observations in Neff's essay are true, but wouldn't we rather just forget about that trifling fact and instead glow in the B.S. perception of ourselves as the "greatest generation."

I've just come upon your site and am sincerely impressed and will support you.

Mark Seirsdale
Bradenton, FL