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"The Obama contraception tyranny"


Ronn Neff comments

American Catholics are already forced — through their taxes — to pay for contraception and abortions, to say nothing of state ads, legislation, and propaganda that fuel sexual aberration and promiscuity.

Until the Church is willing to actually call for overt tax resistance, she's going to lose this battle.

So far, she's content to urge us to fast and pray for an end to abortion and for our "leaders" to change their minds. I do not doubt the efficacy of fasting and prayer, but I don't think the state is quaking in its jackboots. In the end God will prevail. But that end may be a long way off yet. Meanwhile, babies are being killed, teenage and pre-teen girls are being debauched, Sacraments are being corrupted, and millions are going to Hell.

And that's without even thinking about sins related to war and their effects, yet.

I think the Church simply is not taking herself or the charges given to her very seriously these days.

February 14, 2012

Ronn Neff is senior editor of The Last Ditch.

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