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There is much consternation on the Right these days about low birthrates in Western countries and all that this trend signifies.

Naturally, the consternation is shared only by real conservatives, not the Limbaugh/Hannity shilling-for-Bush crowd, which may be called the "Right-light." After all, expressing concern about the decline of the populations of Western countries is equivalent, basically, to saying that you care about the future of the white race. And that's "racist," isn't it, class? Yes, of course it is. What good little boys and girls you all are. You've learned your lessons well.

Of course, I needn't add that the same principle doesn't apply for anyone of any race other than whites, because you already knew that, too. Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and anyone else of a non-Caucasian persuasion can care about the futures of their races, but whites are not allowed to be anything but indifferent about what will become of their own kind. White "Right-light" spokesmen such as Rush and Sean, and their legion of (predominantly white) followers, don't dare say they believe in anything other than "colorblindness," racially speaking. They don't spend much time worrying about the fact that white people aren't reproducing, and if by some accident they happened to stumble upon Pat Buchanan's book, they would conclude that the "death of the West" he describes is much ado about nothing.

"After all, isn't it true," they would say, invoking the memory of St. Martin, that modern-day secular Messiah and martyr, "that people should be judged 'not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character?' Why then does it matter if the face of America and Europe is becoming less and less white?"

It would never occur to them that the precipitous demographic decline of the white race could have many unpleasant, unwanted ramifications, not just for white people, but for all people. After all, they aren't so "racist" as to think that race can mean something more than mere color of skin, i.e., that St. Martin might have oversimplified things a bit for rhetorical purposes.

For despite their seeming refusal to get with the multicult program, most Limbaugh Republicans are good little boys, too. They capitulate to neo-Stalinist etiquette and use terms such as "African American" whenever possible, ostentatiously furrow their brows over "racism" (a concept they never define but still acknowledge as the greatest evil to befall the world since man's expulsion from the Garden), and claim St. Martin as one of their own. At the same time, they never demand to be called "European Americans" and always shy away from truly biting satire, such as demanding that whites receive reparations in return for being subjected to cannibalism and the more modern varieties of violent crime. And they wouldn't mention the Wichita Massacre for a million dollars — not that most of them need the money, anyway.


But racial double standards, like intellectual cowards, are an easy target. My point here is not merely to lampoon the current state of the "debate" on the benefits and drawbacks of white extinction. Instead, I would like to point to an often overlooked aspect of the probable eventual disappearance of the white man. On the minus side, when he goes a civilization rich in historical accomplishments will go with him. On the plus side, so will a detestable constellation of modern ideologies, which arose almost exclusively from the Western mind.

Put simply, the death of Whitey will mean the death of liberalism.

In a superficial sense, I know, it sounds unlikely. Yes, blacks and Hispanics vote Democrat — the party in favor of abortion on demand, homosexual "marriage," the distribution of condoms to sixth-graders, and the elimination of Christianity from the public square, among other atrocities — much more than they vote Republican. It would be foolish, however, to conclude from that fact that most blacks and Hispanics are liberals. They are not. Liberalism is almost exclusively a white, Western phenomenon.

When I speak of "liberalism" here, I mean the concept in its broadest sense. I mean both liberalism in its classical form, when it meant being opposed to tyranny, and in favor of free markets and free speech (think Thomas Jefferson); to its present form, where it means opposing all restrictions on sexual behavior, especially for minors and perverts, while at the same time favoring all possible restrictions on politically incorrect thought (think Hillary Rodham Clinton — and cue the Sex Pistols — "God save the queen, the fascist regime").

At its best, liberalism was (and still is, among some self-proclaimed liberals) broad-minded, generous, willing to listen. It was best summarized as the belief that, as Jared Taylor has said, "the other fellow has a point of view."

Though it has usually taken an explicitly anti-creedal perspective that is suspicious of all claims to revelation, particularly as they are made by an institutional Church, historical liberalism owes its very existence to Christianity, the spiritual force that has nourished and informed Western thought for most of its history. For the Christian religion is indeed egalitarian in a spiritual sense: it teaches its adherents that all men and women are equal in God's eyes. Thus, the unhealthy modern mania for politicized egalitarianism sprang from a twisting of a very Christian idea: that God is love, that he shows no partiality to anyone, and that we should love one another as he has loved us.

Today that message of compassion and equality becomes more and more warped by the hour. If one truly cares for the poor, one can only favor the enrichment of a centralized government through state-orchestrated plunder, i.e., income taxes. If one truly loves women, one must shrug as they kill their unborn children, in the name of "choice." If one truly feels compassion for those afflicted with unnatural carnal desires, one can only redefine the unnatural as natural, and worthy of the same legitimate recognition that has been bestowed on the institution of marriage since the dawn of civilization. And so forth.

In recent history, white liberals have helped to bring down some truly wicked practices. It was mainly through their intervention that the world was rid of slavery. It was through their designs that numerous savagely cruel customs were vanquished, both in savage and in supposedly civilized lands. White liberals of a certain hardier temperament did the world a lot of good in years past.

Today, however, the liberal creed has little to offer except the advocacy of policies that seem destined to lead to its own demise. It has become the enemy of vitality in all forms. It shuns large families, robust faith, and cultural solidarity (at least, among whites), in favor of contraception, spiritual tepidity, and a prim and priggish loathing of "nativism."

When the West is saturated with this latter-day degenerate brand of liberalism, it can hardly withstand invasion from without, nor does it especially want to. Even those in the West who have not succumbed to liberalism can hardly see the West, in its current state, as worth defending. Either way, it appears we white Westerners have lost our will to assert ourselves in this world. We are on our way out.

And when we go, we will take our ideologies with us, for better or for worse. Other cultures won't be terribly interested in enforcing our dogmas, once our secular priests and priestesses have been silenced once and for all. When the invaders occupy our lands and establish dominance, there will be no more radical feminism, no more "queer studies," and no more "multiculturalism," because all those fantastic notions will finally be revealed as what they are: a Trojan Horse that has successfully served its purpose.

May 28, 2004

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