DOUGLAS OLSON — Freak show #1

Mr. Olson's article.


To the editor ...

Who cares. I am more worried about the Middle East.

September 24, 2003;
posted October 9, 2003


Nicholas Strakon replies

I hope this reader does not labor under the misapprehension that The Last Ditch is ever going to go "all Middle East, all the time." We veered pretty close to that for several weeks after the war, but fundamentally that's not what we're up to. Even one who is interested only in war and foreign policy may wish to reflect that what our rulers and their fuglemen do to us here at home — to our culture, our economy, our politics, our people — is closely linked to what they do abroad.

Moreover, who they are — what they assume, what they cherish, what they desire — has a profound effect on what they do. Mr. Olson may help us figure out some of that.

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