DOUGLAS OLSON — "Critical mass" in Mississippi -- Reader response

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To the editor ...

Mr. Olson has let a lot of his facts go north, while his reason goes south. Southern shair-croppers whose "ancestors created and built the United States" exist only in the mind of fantasy historians and fools that want to believe in the white man's super genes.

Whenever I hear the name "George Orwell" I get my gun ready for the Jew writing the article to use the quote "all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." It is like a code, Jew writing don't disagree.

This man killed his fellow workers because he was an inferior Anglo-Saxon slug. The English Jews who were in such a hurry to exploit the American Continent brought over the dredges of Ireland and Wales. The same Jews are ready to use the same dumb whites as cannon fodder for the next civil war. What else can Americans have but a "sheeplike respect for 'authority,'" given that everyday Jew TV is used to make the masses except there "degrading dispossession with barely a murmur."

Poor blacks, illeterate Hispanics, and we Injuns is not your enemy, your enemy runs your Union, your enemy runs your State-Department, and I bet your enemy has Rabbi Ipsy Kohen and Dipsy KillACat sitting on the board of Southern Baptist Churches.

Your enemies are the Christian hating Jews all across this country. There are a lot more of them than me and you. You stick with your winners and I will be ...

The Happy Anti Semite
October 31, 2003

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