Letter from Sally Druthers — October 28, 2003


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Dear Nick ...

An environmentally sensitive
(but physically challenged)
letter from Sally Druthers


October 28, 2003

Dear Nick —

How wonderful to find you on the Internet after all these years! I used to visit the old site, but when your server went off the air, I completely lost track of you.

Of course, I miss the print edition of The Last Ditch, but I confess that I was always a little uneasy about your publishing it on paper. So many trees, it seemed, were put in the service of the print edition! I often feared that whole forests might have become unsold copies of TLD.

Once again, I find I am of two minds. On the one hand, I am glad that the trees are being spared, and I am doubly glad to see that you are back in business publishing so many thoughtful articles. On the other hand, it seems so extravagant. Not only are you putting new things on the Website, but I see that you are using the electronic medium to republish articles that already appeared in the print medium.

Lately I've gotten involved in conservation-of-matter-and-energy activism, and, frankly, this redundancy concerns me. Are you sure all those electrons are necessary? Are you sure you are using them in the wisest manner? Electrons are not a renewable resource, you know. There is only a finite number of them, and one day, we could use them up.

Oh, I know that that day will not come soon. And maybe some day the operators of all those porn sites will get a social conscience and release their electrons for recombination in other, more productive uses. But until that day, we have to steward the use of them, don't you think?

I mean, we have to think of future generations. What if there aren't enough electrons to go around? That's what they do, you know. They go around. It just makes me sad to think of all those neutrons and protons with no electrons to go around them. Future generations will, I don't know ... just break up — like Simone in that movie.

Anyway, Nick, I do love the dove graphic, and your devotion to peace has always won you a soft spot in my heart. I hope you will find a way to keep up your excellent work while following good practices of sustainable HTML coding.

Sally Druthers


I'm delighted to see that TLD's old friend Sally Druthers has at last mastered the intricacies and pitfalls of Google, and made her way to The Ditch. Posting a communique containing her unique insights is always worth spending a few electrons. But while we're on the subject, aren't they recyclable? Honestly, we here at TLD do strive for Greenitude on the subatomic-particle front.

Here's hoping we receive much more in our electronic mailbag from Sally, even if that does contribute to the Triumph of Entropy and the Dark Tyranny of the Naked Nuclei.

Nicholas Strakon

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A more recent communique
from Ms. Druthers

(October 2004)

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