To Dr. Sniegoski's article.


To the editor ...

I respect the views of Dr Sniegoski, and I share his concerns. I have no doubt that Israeli operations inside and outside the United States will remain well-concealed by the main media. It is only since 9/11 that people have been looking at the world through a broader lens, especially in Europe. Ariel Sharon is shortly to meet Mr. Burlesconi in Italy. On the agenda is the perceived rising anti-Semitism in Europe. Anti-Semitism is of course not on the rise, but awareness of Israel's blood-thirsty agenda is. Folk like us have the Web to discuss these issues, but make no mistake, they know who we are and where we are, and as long as they can keep us down as lunatic conspiracy theorists we may not have anything to fear. But neither will our voices be heard by those who need to know the truth.

November 18, 2003

To Dr. Sniegoski's article.

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