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To the editor ...

Dr. Sniegoski writes, "I, on the other hand, avoid making personal attacks..." Oh, well and good for him. But it's hard to feel sorry for the Jews who own and control the media and make their living sliming the goyim. Look at the way they and their hired-help-goy-toys pour filth upon Muslims and Catholics; and avoid writing about the legions of pedophile and crooked rabbis whose crimes are legendary. I will always prefer the honesty of an "anti-Semite" over the writing of those who have to tip-toe around the sensibilities of Jewish power.

Kieran Kenny
February 6, 2004

Nicholas Strakon comments

Dr. Sniegoski is not only one of the most percipient but also one of the bravest commentators in the history of American writing on public affairs. At the same time he is one of the least-rewarded, materially, of all major American writers. Moreover, his analyses appear at The Last Ditch, which is one of the most despised and widely blacked-out samizdat sites on the entire Web. (Even major libertarian Websites such as Antiwar.com, LewRockwell.com, and Future of Freedom pretend we don't exist.) All of that being so, Mr. Kenny's insinuations strike me as most peculiar. Did it really never occur to him that Dr. Sniegoski might have been writing only what he believed to be right and true — no more and no less?


To Dr. Sniegoski's article.

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