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To the editor ...

What a bunch of stupid racist cr*p. You don't even understand the most basic concepts Ayn Rand has communicated. Hell, you don't even understand we're all human. Culture? You are living in the dark ages, human culture is what we all are right now. The internet and communication has shown we are all from the same genome. The color of your f*cken skin doesn't mean sh*t. Wait another 1000 years and we're all going to be mixed up with something. Asian, Black, White, etc... Genes get stronger by combing and dropping weak traits like those who think "being white" is right.

You dumb*ss

October 7, 2004

Strakon comments

I don't know what writing or writings of ours this reader is attacking, but his mention of Ayn Rand moves me to supply this link to a piece of mine that he apparently missed during his storm-tossed little visit to TLD: "Sweeping Rand's barnyard: Racism and individualism."

The substance of the letter, such as it is, would not deserve the dignity of a reply even in the absence of the crude incivilities. I have posted it to help demonstrate the manners and intellectual sophistication of our adversaries.

However, I hope our correspondent does not reflect the idiom of today's typical Objectivist. His approach makes me long for the good old days of "zzzzervant of ze anti-mind" and "muzzzzle myzzzztic."

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