James Kiefer’s Argument
For the Existence of God


James Kiefer (April 29, 1935 – April 19, 2015), a mathematician best known for his Christian biographies, composed an argument for the existence of God addressed to Objectivists and others influenced by the writings of Ayn Rand.

The presentation of this argument exists both in audio form and in print form.

Related files will also be listed as they are ready.

  • Objectivism and Theism (a lecture in four audio files)
  • Full transcript of Objectivism and Theism, by James Kiefer
    MMPart 1 MMMMPart 2 MMMMPart 3
  • A review of Kiefer’s lecture by the philosopher Henry Veatch was published in Books for Libertarians, May 1975.
  • A version of the argument appears in Metaphysics, by Richard Taylor, who writes that he heard it from Kiefer himself.
  • Sources for arguments similar to this one
  • Notes for revision and expansion — Ongoing. 
    MMo Contents (updated March 2, 2016) 
  • MMo Excerpt from Part 2 (“On Timelessness”)
  • Other Writings 

  • A large collection of James Kiefer’s articles on the Scriptures, the Creeds, and Richard Hooker may be found here.

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