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Posted July 28, 2017: A new letter from Sally Druthers.

Posted July 25, 2017: A new essay by Paul LeMoyne.


Posted August 19, 2017.

Notes on the purge.

It transpires that Antifa also attacked some journalists in Charlottesville. That is not getting much play because — just as the Alt-Right supports the police who pushed them around — left-wing journalists cover for and support Antifas who punched them and destroyed their equipment.

CNN's Kate Bouldan told a conservative guest who was defending himself against her implicit accusations, "Stop talking. Stop talking. Stop talking for a second. You're the guest on my show." (It occurs at about 12:40.)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the point of having a guest on one's show to let people hear what he has to say? And since when is that the way to treat a guest anyhow? (The answer to the second question is: Ever since the hooligan Left took over the government, the media, and academe. It is typical of the Left to shut down and shout down adversaries in discussion. Indeed, their political philosophy and their ethic make it mandatory.)

When did the Alt-Right lose the propaganda war? They — along with the Old Right, the New Right, the paleocons, and the Tea Party — lost when they allowed the political spectrum to be defined in such a way that Nazis and Constitutionalists were on the same side. Even the neocons now in power suffer from that identification.

The identification was underscored when the only states Barry Goldwater won in 1964, other than Arizona, could be stereotyped as racist hold-outs, and when opposition to the welfare state became branded as racist, which means that the libertarians are also tainted.

There is no winning against this enemy until those identifications are shattered. And there are no "right people" who can be elected who will shatter them. Think about it: Even the combined power of Ayn Rand, William Buckley, and George Will was insufficient to shatter them.

It's about time. Al Sharpton has finally given us a clear look at what it means when whites lose their country: he has called for the defunding of the Jefferson Memorial.

Surely it's only a matter of time before His Holiness will call for a renaming of the city in which the Jefferson Memorial is to be found. After all, its namesake also owned slaves. (TLD would applaud that effort, by the way. We have long offered the name "Trantor" as a suitable substitute.)

And maybe, once his brain overheats from thinking about it, Sharpton will call for a renaming of Harold Washington Memorial Park in Chicago. I mean, isn't it an outrage that old Harold went around sporting the name of a slave owner? [Ronn Neff]  Ω

Posted August 12, 2017.

Charlottesville: Una salus victis nullam sperare salutem. In a video of the Charlottesville protests of August 12, one of the Alt-Right men can be heard calling to the police, "We support you guys!"

A few points:

(a) The police are agents of the state.

(b) The state is the primary force-agent of compulsory reverse-discrimination and the destruction of monuments. And the West.

(c) The propaganda machine of the state is far more powerful and extensive than the few YouTube videos the Alt-Right can produce.

(d) If the Alt-Right wants to "support you guys" they are supporting their own defeat.

(e) The Alt-Right still thinks we live in a basically okay society that can be fixed by getting the right people in office. They therefore — despite what the media say about them — "play nice."

But there is no "play nice" with this enemy, because we have lost, and it is determined to destroy what remains of the West. This is not a counsel of despair, but the acceptance of reality, which acceptance can form the basis for a different kind of undertaking. Unlike the days of the so-called civil-rights movement, society is not dominated by an overall sense of decency and "fair play." Police tactics, and even their uniforms, testify that today we live in a police state. Once the Alt-Right realizes that, they will begin to fight a different kind of battle. You fight differently when the war is not over from how you fight when you have been defeated.

Virgil put it into the mouth of Aeneas the night Troy was being burned to the ground: "The only hope for the defeated is to fight without hope." [Ronn Neff]  Ω

Posted August 12, 2017.

Independence NOW for oppressed colonial Guam! [Nicholas Strakon]  Ω

On Google's sacking of thoughtcriminal James Damore. Left-libertarians — out to lunch as usual — are criticizing Tom Woods for deploring the Cultural Bolshevik atmosphere at Google, asking whether he now opposes the verdict of "the market." After all, Google is a private company, and is free to set personnel policies and hire and fire anyone it likes!

Let's look more carefully at the state of that freedom.

People who think they can still sharply distinguish between practice and expression, in terms of what leviathan allows, ought to keep this in mind: the practice of "racism" and "sexism" — as defined by our rulers — is against the law in this country; and since identifying "practice" necessarily involves government mind-reading and scrutinizing of expression, the "anti-discrimination" laws are a direct threat to freedom of expression and an invasion of it. In effect, they trump the First Amendment. The wall has been breached. There's no way around that so far as I can see. The only question is how bad it's going to get.

The Central Government has used employers as its most important income-tax-collection arm since withholding went into effect during Roosevelt's War. Largely as a result of that same war, most working people also find their health insurance all tangled up with their employment. Now we see leviathan using employers, indirectly, to suppress dissent. For what company can ignore crimespeak among its employees? Especially if it's a company that does business with the government?

Polite totalitarianism reigns, but as time goes by it's looking less and less polite to me. [NS]  Ω

P.S. Hat tip to longtime TLD partisan D.R. of Michigan for the observation that prompted me to write this.

There is more to be said, of course, on the question of why almost all big companies are now dominated by the Left.


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