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June 21, 2017: A new writer debuts at TLD, offering an ecumenical and exquisitely humane suggestion.

Posted June 28, 2017.

Fred Reed is fed up, and he expresses that vividly in this incandescent piece at The Unz Review:

"Oncoming Racial Doom: The Clash of Cultures."

I strongly recommend the column to your attention. It originally appeared at Fred on Everything; kudos to Ron Unz for being willing to repost it, widening its distribution. Many sites on our side of things would have shied away from doing so. The possible penalties for this level of thoughtcrime are severe. [Nicholas Strakon] Ω

Posted June 24, 2017.

A woman called a local conservative radio host the other day and explained why, though she is a Democrat, she did not vote for Hillary Clinton this past November. She said that she was a Christian and just could not vote for someone as pro-abortion as Clinton was. Indeed, she did not understand how any Christian could vote for a pro-abortion candidate.

The host asked the woman, "Who was the last Democrat you voted for?" And she answered, "Obama."

I submit that political action is completely useless unless it can first find a way to overcome this ... what was that delicious phrase I learned a few weeks back? Oh yes ... to overcome this unfathomable pin-headery. [Ronn Neff]  Ω

Otto Warmbier. Rightists are beating up on a leftist professor who wrote that Otto Warmbier, the young tourist who found doom in North Korea, got what was coming to him, as a privileged and heedless white boy. Typical compassion and civility from the comrades, yes?

I want to take a different tack — unlike the Reds, I am capable of sympathy — but I still have to be careful about it.

That is to say, I don't mean to blame any specific person when I ask, somewhat despairingly, Didn't the kid know about communism? (He had previously visited Cuba, according to news reports; but then I suppose that may have been a well-insulated Potemkin tour. In any case, Warmbier apparently didn't stray off the reservation during his Cuba visit, bringing himself to the attention of the secret police.) Instead of accusing individuals, I'll accuse the culture in general and — somewhat more specifically — the schools and media in our country for burying the history of communist savagery. American children must hear about Hitler and his crimes ten times as often as they hear about Lenin, Stalin, and Mao and their crimes, although the murder toll of the latter monsters was at least ten times that of Hitler.

I have to wonder whether the typical American student these days hears about the communist murder toll at all. In that context, I have to point out that a dismayingly large proportion of American youths actually seem to be communists.

Enough on that point.

Since Warmbier's death, various politicians have been calling for new restrictions on tourism to North Korea. One of their stated goals is to cut down on the amount of "hard currency" getting to the Norks. Freedom partisans would propose, instead, completely free trade and travel to North Korea — as well as the immediate removal of the U.S. military from South Korea. But that's Libertarianism 101, and I won't belabor it here. It's the pols' other stated goal that's more remarkable, namely, protecting American tourists from harm. Seriously? Now? After what's just happened, the pols think they need to impose further restrictions on where Americans can go?

All talk of rights and liberty aside, unless we really do live in Bizarro World the Norks have just knee-capped their little tourist industry. I've tried not to get mean and personal in this writing, but now it's time: Any American who goes to North Korea now, especially as a tourist, will reveal himself to be an ignoramus, an idiot, or a fantasist. Or perhaps a contemplator of suicide.

A final point. One of the hallmarks of an interventionist foreign policy is the providing of security subsidies — "sanctions," military force, defense pacts, and so forth. The existence of all that apparatus, including the U.S. force on the South Korean frontier and all the naval forces in the region, didn't help Otto Warmbier. In fact, the very existence of security subsidies — the notion that Uncle Sam will spring to the rescue — encourages people, businesses, and organizations to risk trouble abroad.

I hope Americans soon tire of being held hostage in that way by their world-roving countrymen. We have enough trouble right here at home. [Nicholas Strakon]

Modine Herbey comments. Our American bolshies haven't — so far as I know — attacked Otto Warmbier for insulting the great and glorious democratic people's revolution in North Korea and disrupting the wise and benevolent rule of Chairman Kim Jong-un, who has led the workers and peasants to new heights of prosperity, enlightenment, and blah blah blah. No, the domestic Reds who have opined on the subject have focused on race, "gender," "privilege," and that whole mess, here in the U.S.S.A. Typical of the modern American comrade, and a sign of the times. Ω

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