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TLD is a forum of opinion, edited by hard-core market anarchists, that does not flinch from any of the most pressing issues of our time. We are especially interested in questions of culture and ethnicity, our Polite Totalitarian ruling class, and the homicidal humanitarianism of the U.S. Empire.

Our writers include anarcho-pessimists, Old Believers in the West, unreconstructed Confederates, neo-Objectivists, and other enemies of the permanent regime. We are conscientiously indifferent to considerations of thoughtcrime. Thus, from individualist and Euro-American perspectives, we confront the end of civilization — and do our level best to name its destroyers. (More about who we are.)

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— Tom McPherren ("Nicholas Strakon"), editor-in-chief
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"If this government cared about ideas, it would crack down on The Last Ditch. It could be called The Joy of Thinking."

Joe Sobran

"Whoever said 'Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty' didn't realize it, but he was thinking of The Last Ditch."

— Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance

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