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Nicholas Strakon
Publisher and editor
  Ronald Neff
Managing editor
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Articles by Nicholas Strakon

Nicholas Strakon is the publisher and editor-in-chief of  The Last Ditch, which he founded not as a combat redoubt but as an observation post, from which we can study the mopping-up operations of our great and abominable enemies: totalitarianism and savagery.

His selections for the News and Opinions section are updated two or three times a week. He doesn’t pick the stories that the major media (America’s “Minitrue”) think are important, but the ones he thinks are important for forming minds that are not susceptible to the perfidious propaganda to which we are endlessly subjected.

His columns from the early days of this site — Strakon Lights Up and the shorter Strakon Strikes a Match — are archived; and his contributions to our Stop and Think series are included in its archive, which goes back to 2002, and which is best accessed from the Stop Sign at the home page.

To tell the truth, he would probably rather be reading Gibbon or Macaulay, but his loss in that respect is our gain. My recommendation to all our readers is to read him, think about what he has said, and be rewarded.

— Ronald Neff, Managing Editor


• In the fall of 2016, Fran Griffin of the Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation published a new edition of Joe Sobran's Hustler: The Clinton Legacy, which I had edited (using my real name) in preparation for its initial appearance in 2000. I was unable to attend the roll-out of the new edition at the National Press Club in Washington on October 19, but TLD's managing editor kindly agreed to read some remarks I'd written for the event. This video offers a rare peek at Ronn and me working as the team that we are. I'm grateful to the distinguished co-founder of The Ditch for making my words come alive. (November 4, 2016)


• Since letters and their replies quickly subside into obscurity on the site, I decided to convert this exchange between a reader and me into the form of an article: "'You people ...' / An exchange of correspondence about the Israeli raid on the Gaza convoy." (June 2, 2010)

• In late February 2009, WTM Enterprises, publisher of TLD, came in for some attention by an Alabama pressure group, followed by some very odd coverage by a local TV station. I tell the story my way in "Our sliming by the SPLC." (March 2, 2009)

• This piece is new to the site if not actually newborn. You'll see what I mean when you read my introductory note.

"Ron Paul's gifts: Go home, nice man" (March 11, 2008)

"Three thoughts, nicely provoked" — a sidebar to Dr. Stephen J. Sniegoski's "America's man in Uzbekistan." (June 22, 2005)

• Strakon wrote this essay in an attempt to formulate his thinking about "The homosexual choice." (November 20, 2004)

• Strakon (along with David T. Wright and Ronn Neff) participated in our "Encounter with a reader on war and empire." Look for Strakon's contributions on the "Encounter" table of contents page. (April 30)

• A reader having taken us to task for loving and defending the white West, Strakon and David T. Wright reply. Here is that exchange, posted March 24.

• Stumbling, in a yellowed back issue of some old rag, upon a little speculation about what might happen in the future year of 2003, Strakon is reminded of what is always the first casualty of war: "Eking out a crumb of truth, every six years." (March 7, 2003)

• Strakon is proud to announce that TLD has been designated a "hate group." (August 17)

• In 1996, for TLD 13, Strakon wrote a review-essay on the indispensable Walter Karp's Indispensable Enemies. Strakon says the piece, which tests his own ruling-class theories against Karp's, remains a personal favorite among all his writings: "Will the real oligarchs please stand up." (Posted June 8, 2002)

• Remember "Strakon Strikes a Match"? Strakon's short (or somewhat short) takes have been supplanted by our "Stop and think" feature on the home page, but there's been a little agitation for the Matches to be reposted. We're happy to oblige, at least in part. Here is a book of Matches covering the 15 months prior to September 11. (April 13)

Strakon's final two Matches,
from just after September 11.


• From the April-May 1995 issue of The Last Ditch: In the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing, Strakon asked: "Who bombs children?"  Reposted January 21, 2002.

• Strakon responds to instructions from the Party in "The Libertarian Party: New frontiers in free expression." (December 3, 2001)

• From TLD 14 in 1996, Strakon's article "Sweeping Rand's barnyard: Racism and individualism" has now been posted in full text. (November 14, 2000)

• In the first issue (September 1994), Strakon introduced TLD with "Who we are; what we're up to."