To Mr. Fields's article
"Ron Paul's America."


To the editor ...

This is without a doubt the most foolish thing I have ever read. I really hope a libel lawsuit is coming your way soon.

Unsigned; e-mail return address
includes the name "Jake Di Vita"
January 6, 2012

Henry Gallagher Fields: I assure our correspondent that I have written far more foolish things than this.

Nicholas Strakon: A stalwart supporter of free expression heard from! But has our correspondent really never heard of the Fool's Exemption in libel law? Look it up!

  Your highly editorialized article was interesting. Every president, in fact every politician, has views to pursue, whether in the best interests of We The People or not; preferrably for. The views become part of the plan during campaign trail.

The federal government is not here to track, steal, lie, cheat and dishonor We The People. It is here to regulate and protect U.S. at an international level. The States have the job of regulating and protecting We The People. The local governments have the same job and responsibilities. This was the original design. It was good. It worked.

To be a president, one should be highly knowledgeable in international affairs, highly knowledgeable in history and highly knowledgeable in our highest laws of the land which is our Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

Dr. Paul meets many of these requirements, perhaps all, and if he wants to de- regulate/eliminate some or many of the offices that exist, good! We have a top heavy, financially burdened, one sided, self serving government that needs some serious trimming. Starting at the top. If the office is not involved in international affairs nor protect U.S. at an international level then it probably/likely should not exist at a federal level.

If anyone has a moral compass that is used to keep that person headed True North I would have to say it is Dr. Ron Paul. Perhaps it is because of his Hippocratic Oath he took when he became an obstetrician-gynecologist, perhaps it was his childhood rearing by his parent, perhaps he is a God fearing man ... or perhaps it is because he believes our Founding Fathers of our country knew that what they created was a way of life that honored We The People instead of a totalitarian monarchy. I don't personally know.

I do know that his track record is consistent, unlike so many other politicians who lie, grovel, steal and cheat We The People. I do know that he honors Our Constitution, unlike all other politicians.

Perhaps you need to consider what it takes to be a leader of any organization and then consider that the higher the organization, the higher the responsibilities and the greater the need for commitment to the real requirements of that leadership's position.

I believe Dr. Ron Paul is the only potential candidate that meets the real, time honored requirements of the presidency.

Unsigned; e-mail return address
includes the name "Michael Jakubowski"
January 6, 2012

Strakon: I am glad our correspondent found our writer's little effort to be interesting. But I will encourage Mr. Fields to consider the requirements of Führerprinzip as they apply to today's U.S. leviathan.

  Did they drop you on your head when you were a baby? I have never heard such moronic dribble in my life!

First, you need to realize that the Constitution is not a living document, it is a CONTRACT! It is a contract between this great nation and every citizen of this nation. That is why it has CLAUSES and must be AMENDED. In order to make changes to a contract, all parties must agree to those changes and therefore it has to be amended.

Next you say: Of course, Ron Paul would abolish the Federal Reserve System and make gold the only legal tender, which would eliminate all savings accounts in the United States.

Dr. Paul has stated several times that there would be a transition from unconstitutional (counterfeit) Federal Reserve Notes to Gold and Silver backed Constitutional Money. No one would lose their savings under a gold standard, but every time The Fed prints currency the value of all US currency diminishes.

The next point I wish to make is that there is no MONEY in our system! Money is the FINALIZER of a transaction. If I purchase something with a Federal Reserve Note, the transaction has not been finalized because, although I received something of value in the transaction, the seller did not. What they received was a Federal Reserve Note which is just paper and ink; it is an I.O.U., a debt obligation and holds zero value. In order for the transaction to be finalized the seller must spend his Federal Reserve Notes for something of value. However, if I were to make my purchase with silver, the transaction has been finalized. Both the buyer and the seller have received something of value relative to what they gave up. The reason for this is that Silver is Money! Money has value in and of itself. It does not have to be traded for anything else.

For every dollar (Federal Reserve Note) in circulation or on a ledger some where there is a corresponding dollar of DEBT. You cannot have Federal Reserve Notes without the corresponding debt! Silver and Gold have been money for centuries because they have innate value and do not require debt to make them valuable.

On a side note: If we took all the Federal Reserve Notes in the world and paid them towards the debt, it would barely dent the debt!

Then you say: And immigrants deemed illegal would be unceremoniously thrown out. Paul's America would still allow some foreigners to become American citizens, that is as long as they could recite sections of the Constitution (Ron Paul Edition) and the Articles of Confederation, as well as lengthy excerpts from reactionary nutjob Ludwig von Mises's "treatise," Human Action. (Known adherents of Austrian economics could be excused from reciting the first two documents and permitted to focus on the third.) (By the way, notice that this "Professor" von Mises has a very German-sounding name. But as Wall Street Journal editorialist Dorothy Rabinowitz might say with a wave of her hand, we won't go into that now.)

I do not know what you have against people of German descent, but my father was German and he fought in the South Pacific for the US. He was a prisoner of war, he was shot down 5 times and was in a body cast and had to learn to walk again. About 30% of the US is of German descent.

As to Austrian economics, it is the only valid form of economics. Keynesian economics is a nightmare dreamed by a fool!

What do you not understand about the term ILLEGAL? If someone violates the law they have committed a crime! If someone enters this country illegally they have committed a crime! Now, we could imprison illegals like every other convicted criminal or we could be lenient and simply return them to where they came from. I see nothing wrong with this concept.

The United States is a Constitutional Republic and as far I am concerned, anyone who violates the Constitution is guilty of treason! The Supreme Court of 1803, in Marbury vs. Madison, declared that The Constitutional is the Supreme Law of the Land and that ALL subsequent Laws MUST comply with The Constitution. They went on to say that any law which is repugnant to The Constitution is VOID of law and IS NOT LAW!

Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unsigned; e-mail return address
includes the moniker "michael_1"
January 6, 2012

Strakon: Although we don't normally post communiques from unapologetic Germanophiles, I thought I had to use this one because of the question our correspondent raises about the possibility of Mr. Fields's having been dropped on his head as a baby. He says he doesn't remember too many events from his infancy, but that it may have happened, since he seems to have been disqualified at some point from signing the contract that our correspondent refers to.

But, jeez, now that I think of it, I was never invited to sign it, either. And as far back as I recall, I've had this odd little bulge on my cranium.

  sorry I wasted my time reading such crap

Unsigned; e-mail return address
includes the moniker "windyledges"
January 6, 2012

Strakon: Does this mean that our correspondent approves or disapproves of Dr. Paul?

  I have never read such a load of bollocks as this article, you should write romanticized comedy fiction for a living.

As for asking $3, you should be giving me $3 for helping to waste my time.

Unsigned; e-mail return address
includes the name "Andrew Giles"
January 6, 2012

Mr. Fields: I thank our correspondent for the tip, but could he please give me the name of a publisher who would be interested in my romanticized comedy fiction? I haven't been able to sell anything to Harlequin for a long time. They've gotten so blamed serious!

Strakon: We've never had the wherewithal to pay our readers, but that may be changing. Read on!

  Worst piece of pure propaganda Ever! How much are you being paid to lie about Dr. Paul's views ? Your article distorts and detracts from Paul's real view. I'm sorry you enjoy the down fall of America because that's what is happening and your TRIPE just goes right along with it. Distortions, Distortions, Distortions!!!! I'm sorry you hate a free America..............

signed, An American who wasted time reading your Tripe

Unsigned; e-mail return address
includes the name "Steve"
January 6, 2012

Mr. Fields: My current piece may be somewhat tripish, but it is not the "worst piece of pure propaganda Ever!" I mean, has our correspondent not explored my other entries here at The Ditch? Also, I have not received one red cent "to lie about Dr. Paul's views." However, I hope our correspondent's letter persuades my skinflint editor to finally fork over a little moolah.

Strakon: Yet another time-waster! There certainly seems to be a whole lot of time-wasting going on.

I haven't told Mr. Fields this yet, but sometime after midnight every Friday, someone has been placing a brown paper bag stuffed with $100 bills at the main entrance of the WTM Enterprises Tower. The Gingrich people? Obama's? Hey, I don't really want to know.

  What garbage.!!who's paying you.??whats your real name anyway..someone could chech out you voter registration..If you live in U.S. y6ou don't believe in anything if you have never voted....

Unsigned; e-mail return address
includes the name "Tony Stoklosa"
January 6, 2012

Mr. Fields: Glad to see the payment issue raised again, and I really hope cheapo Strakon picks up on this meme.

Strakon: Again, I'm not really curious about the money, just as long as those bags of it keep rolling in.

Passing over the creepy business about "chech[ing] out" Mr. Fields, I have to point out that at least he believes in not voting.

  You're so full of S---! Who's paying you for this weell thought out trash piece; and how much? Het a reality head check before you hurt yourself! F--- you very much.

January 6, 2012

Strakon: But it definitely was weell thought out, right?

Man, do I love my new 100-inch HDTV. And there just may be a Lamborghini in my future! I'm not sharing any of the dough with Fields, though. I think he should consider trouble-making to be its own reward.

  Incredibly uninformed, ignorant rubbish.

Unsigned; e-mail return address
includes the name "John Desport"
January 6, 2012

Strakon: Not true! Our fact-checkers in India vetted everything!

  Dr Paul getting traction because he has the most positions of fiscal reality in gop field. Amb Huntsman to a much lesser degree. This govt 1.5 Trillion in the hole mainly to Dr Paul's gop contemporaries of the last 12 years. Dr Paul is right about the Fed Reserve, banking cabal to a point. Congress legalized looting of 401Ks, IRAs and pensions with 2005 bankruptcy law.

Look at MF Global. TRUST IS GONE. People have a belly full of chickenhawk wars cooked up by dual national traitor think tanks - PAID FOR IN BLOOD AND TREASURE.

Trillion dollar a year international baby sitting service HAS GOT TO GO. IF NOT this country will break apart because they are not going to follow DC down the drain.

What the hell are we doing with bases in Japan, Germany, Korea etc. They are doing rather well without having to pay for their own defense. Here in gop fantasy land that gop house majority leader traitor says "NOT a penny for US young, old, education, roads, cut Social Security and Medicare (people paid for them already).

People have had it, Military has had it, Veterans have had it. The criminal elite that run this world need to wake up lest a Dr Paul X1000 comes on the scene.

All this IRAN war dancing good for speculation by hedge and derivative funds to steal the rest of everything. IF real war breaks out THIS IS ALL OVER.

$10 gal gas. Martial law. Gun confiscation. FEMA camps. Indefinite detention. Looks like criminal elite have a plan. Too bad only 1% going to go along.

Young people here and across the world ARE DONE with fractionalized usery banking going from place to place courtesy of the military industrial complex making a mess of lives to grease some bankster's greed. Iraq and AfPak stored up some bad karma for Bush2 and his posse. Hopefully China calls in the Fed notes it's holding and makes another war unfinanceable.

January 6, 2012

Strakon: OK! So, Mr. Belden, you liked the article, right?


Nicholas Strakon replies to all

Look, people, I'm just the publisher of this website; how can I be expected to know what appears on it?

Ah, never mind — that dodge was tried recently, and it didn't work too well.

Everything everyone says is true. What a disaster. I apologize to all TLD readers. I mean, I knew I should have pressed old Fields for a citation on that Yosemite thing ...

Got to say, he has some gall wheedling for a share of my bribe money. His last major writing lost us half our readership and most of our donors. When preparing his current piece for posting, I completely forgot that I'd promised myself to include a special disclaimer the next time, pointing out that his comments do not reflect the views of TLD or its staff — along the lines of those infomercials selling the Power Abacisor that reduces the waistline by 5 inches in one week.


One of the things Mr. Fields and I talked about during the editorial process was whether some of his satire was too absurd, too over-the-top.

Guess we didn't need to worry about that.

When I started The Last Ditch in 1994, Joe Sobran was kind enough to provide a blurb for us that I've kept on the home page ever since: "If this government cared about ideas, it would crack down on The Last Ditch. It could be called The Joy of Thinking."

Hint, hint.

But wait a minute. Before I get too sniffy about satire-deafness, I'd better get one thing clear: These letters aren't satire, are they?

January 7, 2012

Nicholas Strakon is editor-in-chief of The Last Ditch.

To the editor ...

I've finally reattached my lower jaw and dragged my eyebrows back down where they ought to be, after being rocked by the fact that every one of the above letter-writers seems to have missed the head-hammeringly satirical nature of Mr. Fields's rollicking piece.

It just goes to show that, in the arena of electoral partisanship as in all other facets of statism, the State really does make us stupid!

Jake DeWolf
Paris, Texas
January 7, 2012


Nicholas Strakon replies

Mr. DeWolf might very well think that; I couldn't possibly comment.

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