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Ronald N. Neff, rest in peace


Article by Edna St. Louis Missouri posted September 30, 2021.


Posted October 16, 2021.

Edna St. Louis Missouri: How the other half lives

Ms. Missouri, among her other accomplishments, is TLD’s chief Society correspondent. Ms. Missouri was never one of “Capote’s Women,” and felt, indeed, compelled to wash her hands in double COVID-19 hand disinfectant after reading the book review below. She will be spending the weekend gargling with sulfuric acid. — Ed.
Your correspondent actually burst out laughing when she read the following excerpt from a review of a new book about the unlamented Truman Capote’s planned tell-all book about upper-crust N.Y. society dames who spilled their guts to him. (They apparently thought he was harmless because he was gay.) The new book, by Laurence Leamer, is Capote’s Women. The review, “Betrayal of the Swans,” by Moira Hodgson (Wall Street Journal, October 15, 2021), tells us:
Mr. Leamer reports that Pamela Digby Churchill — the wife of Randolph Churchill, alcoholic son of Winston — “appraised men the way a gemologist evaluated diamonds....” She poached Slim Keith’s second husband, the producer Leland Hayward. When Keith, distraught, returned to her house in Manhasset, N.Y., Churchill had already been there, placing red stickers on the furniture she wanted to keep in the divorce.
“I couldn’t help thinking of Alexander Pope’s epigram,” Hodgson writes. “‘We may see the small value God has for riches by the people he gives them to.’”

Leamer’s book is too long for otherwise profitably occupied readers of TLD to contemplate reading (356 pp.), but it might be fun if one has a weekend to kill and certainly would be a wonderful source of schadenfreude for us Midwestern bumpkins. Ω

Posted October 13, 2021.

Nicholas Strakon: Rule by decree is mostly legal! (Despite the Constitution, of course, most of whose supposed protections were long ago revealed to be empty hocus-pocus.) We can see a good demonstration of how presidential rule by decree usually works in this story from The Daily Caller: “Major Airlines Say They Will Keep Vaccine Mandate for Employees in Place, Defying Texas Governor’s Ban,” by Varun Hukeri, October 13, 2021.

“According to the president’s executive order, federal action supersedes any state mandate or law, and we would be expected to comply with the president’s order to remain compliant as a federal contractor,” Southwest [Airlines] said.
“Federal contractor,” eh? Well, here’s a little skinny on that, from CNBC:
Southwest and other major airlines are federal contractors since they fly government employees [for big discounts], cargo and provide other service, such as flights for Afghanistan evacuees in August. The new federal guidelines for government contractors are stricter than those in President Joe Biden’s plan to increase vaccinations among companies with more than 100 employees by requiring inoculations or regular Covid testing.
So, we see yet another unsuspected tentacle of the fascist leviathan suddenly reaching out to assault society.

It seems that almost every time we’re gobsmacked by what appears to be an arbitrary tyrannical decree by a president, it turns out to have some basis in legislation passed by Congress decades ago. That was the case with Trump’s shocking tariff decrees, although thanks to the indifference of the established media, one had to Google-dig to find that out. On the state level, dictatorial governors during the WuFlu panic were able to point to authoritarian “public health” measures passed by their legislature long before anyone had ever heard of COVID.

I start to wonder whether all the legal and administrative foundation for absolute consolidated totalitarian rule is in place and has been for a long time. Ω

Posted October 9, 2021.

Edward Morrison Morley: News you might have missed.

(Mr. Morley was recently spotted in Kokomo, Indiana, acquiring cryptocurrency and a ticket to an undisclosed location that has no extradition agreement with the United States. He was unavailable for comment.)
1. The Social Security Trustees and the Medicare Trustees issued their annual reports in September. The trustees estimate that the Medicare trust fund will be insolvent by 2026 and the Social Security trust funds will be exhausted by 2034. Both are backed by the “full faith and credit” of the gummint (see Article IV, Section 1 of the Constitution). Source: Wall Street Journal, September 2, 2021.

2. In an article on how Ozy Media decided to relaunch rather than go out of business, the author felt it necessary to explain that the CEO’s description of its resuming operations as a “Lazarus moment” was “a reference to a follower of Jesus who is raised from the dead.” Source: Wall Street Journal, October 5, 2021. No word yet on who this “Jesus” character is.

3. William Shatner, AKA Star Trek’s Capt. James T. Kirk, will go into space October 12, as a guest of Jeff Bezos. Shatner, at 90, will be the oldest person to travel in space. Said Shatner: “I’ve heard about space for a long time now. I’m taking the opportunity to see it for myself. What a miracle.” Source: Wall Street Journal, October 5, 2021. The writers leave readers in the dark as to what a “miracle” is.

4. “Climate Change Barely Affects Poverty,” writes Bjørn Lomborg in the Wall Street Journal, October 7, 2021. Gasp! On the other hand, Lomborg argues, “The Paris climate agreement is projected to keep 11 million more people in poverty come 2030 than otherwise would be.” And if “the Glasgow climate conference in November leads to the adoption of much stronger climate measures, policy makers will raise that total to 80 million additional people in poverty by 2030, which will inevitably cause even more malnutrition deaths.” What a hurtful analysis. Anyway, one can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs (with apologies to PETA). Besides, the upper 1 percent won’t be affected by any of this (and, as in the case of Algore, they might even make a lot of money from it), so no price is too high to pay to roll back climate change.

5. Attorney General Merrick Garland thinks angry parents questioning critical race theory at local school boards may be “the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes,” according to the Wall Street Journal, October 7, 2021. The only positive out of this is that Garland, touted by Barack Obama as a moderate when he tried to appoint him to the Supreme Court, now shows his true totalitarian colors. (The alert reader will note here that Garland doesn’t even qualify for Ronn Neff’s category of polite totalitarian.”) People often ask why moderate Supreme Court nominees go off the rails once ensconced in a lifetime sinecure. One explanation may be that they were MINOs, moderates in name only — “moderates,” that is, in the mold of our current president.

6. Two New York lawyers will plead guilty to federal charges resulting from a late May 2020 George Floyd protest in Gotham City. The pair are among a handful of demonstrators being charged by federal prosecutors, in this case for throwing a Molotov cocktail into an unoccupied police car. This brought an additional charge of destroying a federally funded vehicle. Source: Wall Street Journal, October 8, 2021. Oh, the horror, the horror!

7. Education-reform advocates in California are working on a ballot initiative that might weaken tenure and other benefits for public-school teachers. The 310,000-strong California Teachers Association hadn’t heard of the initiative but affirmed, “We certainly believe all students deserve a high quality public education.” Source: Wall Street Journal, October 8, 2021. Given its commitment to quality education, maybe the CTA will support the initiative. And maybe the Dumbocrats and Republicans in Congress will resign en masse in recognition of their malpractice and incompetence. Ω

Posted October 7, 2021.

Nicholas Strakon: From this day forward, this shall be our battle-cry:

“Let’s go, Brandon!” Ω

Modine Herbey asks: By the way, did we ever get a credible answer to what Sleepy Joe was actually mumbling, back in July? — “The Internet Wonders: Did Joe Biden Say ‘My Butt’s Been Wiped’ Right Here?”

I guess the NBC reporter who came up with “Let’s go, Brandon!” is not the ideal newshound to assign to the mystery.


Posted October 4, 2021.

Edna St. Louis Missouri: I’m not going to say I told you so, but ...
(Spoiler alert: I told you so.)

Editor’s note: Miss Missouri, who hereby declares that she is going to fight to the last ditch, is an undisclosed person writing from an undisclosed location about mainly undisclosed subjects. She wishes all of you well, but with increasingly less hope that it will be so.
A few weeks ago (in August 2021 for those of you keeping score), I wrote on these ephemeral pages that we could expect succeeding Biden-gummint economic forecasts to describe rising inflation as “normal” and “very much consistent with the inflation outlook we’ve been discussing pretty much since we got here.” (See my “Economists? Us?”) This was followed on September 2, 2021, by my “Here’s a Surprise,” which discussed proposals being floated by “economists” that the Fed should raise its target inflation by 50 percent, from 2 percent to 3 percent.

Now comes The Wall Street Journal’s token collectivist liberal, William A. Galston, with a September 29, 2021, editorial column, “What If Inflation Is Here to Stay?” Galston’s remarks, though as predictable as ever, begin by noting that inflation now appears to be the top economic concern of the American sheeple, with consumers now expecting inflation to average at least 4 percent over the next three years. Increase that to 10 percent or more for a realistic low-ball expectation, which hinges on whether we get “just” $1 trillion (the “bipartisan” aim); or $3 trillion (the Dumbocrat moderates’ aim); or $4.5 trillion (the Dumbocrat regressives’ bottom offer); or $7 trillion (the Bernie Sanders “Imagine” target) in “infrastructure” bills. Galston offers a catalogue of “factors pointing in the opposite direction” of Fed and Biden administration expectations. Imagine! Casting doubts on inside the Beltway “official positions.”

Galston cheerfully concludes with the observation that “You don’t need a doctorate in economics to understand that when rising demand meets too little supply, the result is inflation.” However, if one did have a doctorate in economics he/she/it/they/etc. would understand that the real cause of inflation is an acceleration of the money supply above 4 percent. The regime is now running the printing presses of the U.S. Mint (“The Maker of Fine Money”) to the tune of $27 billion a day. This is known as “quantitative easing.”

Anyone want to guess how much the money supply has increased recently? The two usual measures of the money supply — M1 (narrow money = money in circulation and easily-convertible-to-cash equivalents) and M2 (M1 + savings deposits and checkable money) — are soaring. MI went up more than 12 percent in July 2021 as nearly 24 percent of all U.S. dollars were created in the last year. And M2 went up 26 percent from February 2020 to February 2021, the largest one-year jump since 1943.

It seems likely that Galston’s question “What If Inflation Is Here to Stay?” is really a statement that “Inflation Is Here to Stay.” And behind that is the implication that the Biden regime’s confident statements that “inflation is transitory” and will return in 2022 to “around 2 percent” are illusions if not flat-out attempts to deceive hoi polloi. Ω

Posted October 1, 2021.

Edward Morrison Morley: Ilhan Omar strikes back!

Fake editor’s note: Mr. Morley, recently returned from a stint as TLD’s correspondent in Beijing, had barely cleared customs and a 14-day quarantine when he was provoked beyond his limit by having Ilhan Omar pop up on the radar screen. He is now urgently requesting a TLD assignment to Nepal or Uganda or somewhere where the internet does not penetrate. [Sorry, EMM. You are stuck. — real editor]
Not having Orange Man around anymore to beat up on, Rep. [Note: this is short for “representative” and not “reptile”] Ilhan Omar (Idiot-Minn.) vaulted back into the headlines this week with a comment on Democrat so-called moderates Sens. Manchin and Sinema (the odds are still strong that they will cave unless they are joined by a few other Dems):

“We obviously didn’t envision having Republicans as part of our party.”

Do tell. Of course, if the Omarish regressives were really honest, they would have voted these reprobates out of the party ... and given the Republicans a majority in the House and the Senate.

Rep. Omar is the sponsor of two fantastic (check the dictionary for the meaning of “fantastic”) new bills that would have been hilarious fodder for late-night shows about 30 years ago but are now solemnly presented as bold, thoughtful, and innovative legislation. People with strong stomachs can take a gander at the “Sending Unconditional Payments to People Overcoming Resistances to Triumph (SUPPORT) Act” and the “Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) Act.” See Omar’s website for the gory details. It includes links to summaries of the bills and the full texts themselves. Why anyone would need a summary for a six-page proposal (the one on the GPI) is unclear, except that perhaps even the most battle-hardened lunatic-asylum attendant might quail before the prospect of having to go through even six pages of this madness.

There is also a laundry list of nutso outfits endorsing the legislation:

Both bills are endorsed by the African Career Education & Resource, Inc., African Development Center, Black Women’s Wealth Alliance, Center for Popular Democracy, Center for Sustainable Economy, Children’s Defense Fund MN, Church World Service, Color of Change, Communities Organizing Power and Action for Latinxs (COPAL) MN, Demos, Equity and Transformation Chicago,, Friends of the Earth, Human Rights Watch, Institute for the Redemption of Money, Minnesota Young DFL, Our Revolution, Our Revolution-Twin Cities, Pax Christi USA, Shriver Center on Poverty Law, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Action Fund, Strong Economy For All Coalition, The Institute on Race and Political Economy, The Monarch Foundation, Universal Income Project, and Virginia Excels.
Some of these are alleged to be mainstream liberal outfits, such as Church World Service, Human Rights Watch, and the Shriver Center. Others, such as the SPLC (a bête noire of Mr. Strakon), Center for Popular Democracy (as opposed to Unpopular Democracy), and Institute for the Redemption of Money (I’m pretty certain this isn’t a return-to-gold group) are either just plain evil or certifiable.

I could go on, but will not, probably to your immense relief. You, gentle reader, can look through Rep. (Note: No, not “reprobate,” either) Omar’s material for yourself and come to your own conclusions. As for me, peace out! Ω

Posted September 30, 2021.

Edward Morrison Morley: The Earth out of balance, oh my! Those able to surmount the New York Times paywall can read: “La Palma Volcano Lava Hits Ocean, Creating a Pyramid and Toxic Gas Risks,”  by Raphael Minder (September 30, 2021).

Editor’s intro: “The authorities told residents of the Spanish island to keep their windows shut, warning of powerful chemical reactions as molten rock meets seawater.”

The story neglects to point out that the volcano was caused by climate change, and that women and minorities will suffer the most. According to Senator Jubilation T. Cornpone, “The Earth has reached a tipping point, arrived at a Code Red for humanity, entered the Red Alert zone, and passed the point of no return, and we must act now, if not sooner.” Sen. Cornpone (Dem Socialist-N.Y.) proposed a $10 trillion “Save the Children, Save the Earth” bill to get the United States to carbon neutrality by November 2021. Asked how this would be paid for, Sen. Cornpone (Prog Socialist-La La Land) pointed out that since the “U.S.” is actually “us,” we would owe it to ourselves and hence it wouldn’t cost anything.

Also, additional taxes on the rich will be levied, except for people connected with the media industry (excluding, of course, false-news purveyors such as TLD), the entertainment industry, the high-tech industry, and those in public service. Since we are richer now than ever before in history, the definition of “rich” will be lowered to include anyone with an income over the poverty level (excluding welfare and COVID relief payments). Ω

Posted September 23, 2021.

Edward Morrison Morley: Today’s moderate middle-of-the-road centrism. The headline for a guest essay by financial journalist Zachary D. Carter in the New York Times asks:

“Why Are Moderates Trying to Blow Up Biden’s Centrist Economic Plan?” (September 22, 2021).

An excerpt: “In attacking the Build Back Better Act, Mr. Manchin [Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W. Va.)] is working against his own purported aims.”

Ha ha, and you thought Biden was just a sock puppet for Bernie Sanders. It may very well be that, in today’s Dumbocrat Party, Biden IS a centrist. Lord help us all. Ω

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