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Posted July 10:

A new "Unsilent Truth" column by Ronn Neff.


Posted August 19, 2019.

Ronn Neff: Using Emma Lazarus's poem as the foundation for American immigration policy is like using Ernest Gold's soundtrack to "Exodus" as the foundation for American foreign policy. Ω

Ronn Neff: You want an image for private/public partnerships and democratic socialism: guards falling asleep while prisoners hang themselves. Ω

Posted August 10, 2019.

Ronn Neff: A self-identified college student asked the self-identified Joe Biden, "How many genders are there?" He answered, "At least three."

The student asked him, "What are they?" He didn't know the answer, but we do:

(Unless you're French, and then there's no neuter.)

By the way, the answer to the first question was not "at least three." It was "exactly three." Ω

Posted August 1, 2019.

Alert: New essay by Steve Sniegoski at the Unz Review. A must-read for TLD folk!

"Iran Delenda Est" Ω
Posted July 23, 2019.

"[Middle-of-the roaders] think they have been successful when they have delayed for some time an especially ruinous measure. They are always in retreat. They put up today with measures which only ten or twenty years ago they would have considered as undiscussable. They will in a few years acquiesce in other measures which they today consider as simply out of the question."

— Ludwig von Mises, "Middle of the Road Policy Leads to Socialism" (Libertarian Press, South Holland, Illinois; 1950); pages 19-20. Ω

Posted July 16, 2019.

Ronn Neff: Reassuring, right? Kevin Drum at the leftist magazine Mother Jones opines, "Liberals Need to Be Lincolnesque in Our Latest Race War."

The last time someone was Lincolnesque, it cost more than half a million lives. Ω

Posted July 14, 2019.

Ronn Neff: On the Don Lemon Show, July 11, Phil Mudd (CNN's counterintelligence analyst) discussed the "citizenship question" (which, so far as I know, is not usually the sort of thing counterintelligence analysts are experts on, but what do I know?). He said that the question was "about telling his [Donald Trump's] supporters people who don't look like you don't belong in this country." (Transcript.)

Since 88 percent of the black vote went to Hillary Clinton in 2016, I think we can safely assume that relatively few blacks are included in the grab bag, "Trump supporters."

So here is my question for the counterintelligence analyst: "Sir, are you aware that there are more than 37 million blacks in this country and that nearly all of them are citizens? Are you really saying that Donald Trump does not know that they could answer 'Yes' to a question about their citizenship on a Census form? Do you really think that Donald Trump's purpose in including the citizenship question was to tell his white supporters that blacks do not belong in this country?"

By the way, no one on the panel discussing this question thought to ask Mr. Mudd about that. Apparently they didn't know blacks were citizens, either. Ω

Posted July 11, 2019.

Ronn Neff: The demand for women's soccer. Fans in the stands chanted "Equal pay! Equal pay!" for the U.S. women's soccer team. They wanted the girls to get what the boys get when they win their respective World Cups.

I agree. And the way to accomplish that is for the fans to pay more for their tickets. Let them put their money where their mouths are. Ω

Ronn Neff: A shoe on the other foot. A lot of people thought the Trump show on July 4 was a little over the top. A celebration of his massive ego. Maybe it was. But at least he is actually the president of a great empire.

Were their refined sensibilities similarly graveled by Barak Obama's appearance among Greek columns and North Korea-style Dear Leader posters in 2008? And he was just a senator, not even officially the Democratic candidate yet. Ω

Posted July 10, 2019.

Ronn Neff: Epstein, old Bill, and the taking of hits. Webster ("Webb") Hubbell, a close friend of Bill Clinton (and rumored father of Chelsea), spent 21 months in prison for overbilling clients while he was a partner of the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas. (Overbilling clients, Tom Cruise fans will remember, was the crime that brought down Bendini, Lambert, and Locke in the movie "The Firm.") When Kenneth Starr indicted him for conspiracy, tax evasion, and mail fraud, it was in the hope that Hubbell would crack and reveal some of the Clintons' secrets, in exchange for lenient treatment. When it appeared that he would be going to jail again, he is said to have told his wife (one of Clinton's sometime lovers), "I guess I have to take another hit for Bill Clinton."

With the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein, the question naturally arises whether he has information concerning Clinton that he could similarly use to cushion the blow of the looming sentence. Or will he "take a hit" for Bill Clinton?

There is an important difference between Jeffrey Epstein and Webb Hubbell. Epstein does not need to fear Bill Clinton, as Hubbell had cause to do, for unlike Hubbell, he has a lot more money, and may command a fair amount of fear himself. Ω

Modine Herbey comments (July 11, 2019): I've gotta say, I'm proud of Mr. Neff and Mr. Strakon (who wrote the headline for this installment). Both of them avoided referring explicitly to the Mob meaning of "hit" — hard to do in a context involving la Famiglia Clinton!
Ronn Neff: How the women can beat the men. Trannies hold the key. Once lots of women self-identify as men, they can get on the men's teams in professional sports. Meanwhile, men who identify as women can get on the women's teams.

At that point, it will at last be possible for the women to play against the men on "a level playing field." Because the girls will have debased the guys' teams and the guys will have pumped up the gals' teams.

But look: You can't make an omelette without ... greasing the pan. Ω

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