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Dum spiro spero.

Reject the face diaper and breathe.


New “Unsilent Truth” column by Ronn Neff posted July 21.

Posted July 31, 2020.

Nicholas Strakon: Evil Government Mountebank Anthony Fauci is starting to remind me of a cat toying with its prey:

"Fauci urges Americans to wear goggles for added COVID-19 protection," by Yaron Steinbuch, New York Post, July 30, 2020.
The sadistic technocrats may be secretly chuckling over this, but (if I may shift animal metaphors) I wonder whether it might be the straw that breaks the camel's back. I'm not optimistic — I'm just asking. Ω

Nicholas Strakon: Some Americans are resisting the antiwhite communist berserkers, as shown in this video posted at American Renaissance. You will see a few righteously armed Texans. And a certain flag. It's all downright heart-warming, podnahs.

At VDARE, Wayne Allensworth provides this roundup: "Middle American Resistance Organizing — But Who Will Lead?"

I wouldn't be too worried about finding leaders, of course. I'd say, Let a hundred men on white horses bloom. But let them buy their own chargers. Ω

Posted July 27, 2020.

Nicholas Strakon: Protesting the Maskite tyranny. I've been frustrated in my attempts to find good Anti-Maskism protest masks until just now, when I stumbled across the Holy Grail thanks to an ad I spotted on Facebook r an outfit called Gossgear. Some of the items hit the spot, such as the one pictured on the right. The masks are a tad expensive at $17 apiece. But, you know, sometimes you've just got to spend the money.

Those who aren't fans of slogans may want to go the frightfulness route. I figure a frightful mask is almost as good as one emblazoned with some explicit protest. How about a Hannibal Lecter mask, from Redbubble? If you order four or more, the masks are $9.99 apiece. Otherwise, $12.49.

If you'd like to breathe easier, you might check out Etsy, which offers macramé masks, lace masks, and mesh masks. None, of course, offers any protection against the Magic Virus — so they're no different in that respect from the "normal" masks.

Remember, the tyrants have not handed down instructions about the actual design of the face diaper you must wear. Just that you must wear one, to demonstrate your subservience. Wearing one of these alternative masks may take some of the sting out of that.

As for the tyrants, I venture to paraphrase Psalm 109:8: "Let their days be few; and let no one take their office." Ω

Late-breaking: Here's another source of alternative masks for you. And another yet, Plague Doctors ...!

I believe I shall now call it a day.

Nicholas Strakon: Don't know how much you're getting about utopian Portlandia from your "mainstream" "news" sources. If you suspect there are little gaps and lapses in the coverage, you might want to roll this little video from The Daily Caller.

Now I have waxed sarcastic about Minitrue, but rather surprisingly, the Associated Press has just run a long, vivid account of the communist violence at the Portland federal building — and even more surprisingly, the leftist propaganda site Politico linked to it in its morning e-mail roundup!

It makes me wonder whether some usually comfortable comrades in D.C. and New York are becoming a little uncomfortable with the protracted savagery. I do think it will take powerful elements of the leftist Permanent Regime to stop it, if it is to be stopped. Ω

Posted July 26, 2020.

Nicholas Strakon: The tyrant retreats one step. We're seeing a little pushback in Indiana against the Panic Tyranny instituted by Dictator Eric Holcomb — and, mirabile dictu, it's coming not from the handful of "rednecks" waving signs whom the reptile press likes to ridicule, but from actual state officials. In other words, from people who until now had sat on their hands, month after month, as the dictator-governor shredded the Indiana and U.S. constitutions they were pledged to defend.

"Indiana Governor Drops Mask Violator Penalty after Criticism" (Associated Press via NBC Chicago, July 24, 2020).
Editor's intro: "The Indiana Senate's leader praised Holcomb's decision to drop the possible misdemeanor offense, which could have carried penalties of up to $1,000 in fines and a maximum 180 days in jail."

So, when I visit the local Dollar General store this week, should I expect all those Maskite signs I saw last week to have vanished? Well, of course not. I understand the culture of subservience better than that. After all, Dollar General leapt to impose the masking rule as soon as the dictator announced his decree, several days before it was due to come into effect. Ω

Ronn Neff: Responsible, statesmanlike decision-making in the governor's office. Here's a scenario:

Advisor: Governor Holcomb, I don't think that penalty you have in your mask order is legal.

Governor: You don't?

Adv.: No.

Gov.: But why not? I'm the governor.

Adv.: You're not the legislature. Only the legislature can pass laws.

Gov.: Are you sure about that? That doesn't sound right to me. I'm the governor.

Adv.: Yeah. I talked it over with some other guys on your staff, and they agree.

Gov.: Well, they're pretty smart cookies.

Adv.: Yes, they are.

Gov.: Well, gosh! I guess I'll take it out then. I had no idea. I really thought I could. Because I'm the governor.

Adv.: I understand.

Gov.: Who knew?

Can anyone in his right mind believe that that's how it went?

How did it really go?

Adv.: Governor, if you include that penalty clause, we're going to get our asses kicked in court.

Gov.: We are? But I'm the governor.

Adv.: Yeah, but it's illegal.

Gov.: But this is an emergency, and I'm the governor.

Adv.: You will almost certainly lose reelection if you go through with it.

Gov.: You think so?

Adv.: Yep, and you'll never get to be a senator.

Gov.: But I'm the governor.

Adv.: Not much longer if you sign that.

Gov.: Gosh. Well, I guess it's in the public interest not to include it then.

More like that, I think. Ω

Posted July 24, 2020.

Ronn Neff: Authority? Governors who think they enjoy authority over people who voted for them and people who didn't, and who think we should all wear Corona Masks, should try an experiment. Issue an advisory concerning what people should do. And then see how many people take their advice. Find out just how much their opinions count among the people of their state.

Maybe that's why they issue orders instead. Ω

Ronn Neff: Seeing what is in front of one's nose. Michelle Malkin referred to our late friend Sam Francis's formulation, "anarcho-tyranny," in her column for July 21, 2020, writing in part:

... Where do the police stand in this regime? It pains me to say it, but those of us who have backed the blue so loyally and vocally can no longer do so under the assumption that the blue will back us.

It's rank-and-file cops who are issuing citations to citizens who want to breathe freely.

It's rank-and-file cops who are standing by while our monuments and courthouses and landmarks are burned and obliterated.

It was rank-and-file cops in Denver who watched as my patriotic friends and I tried to hold a Law Enforcement Appreciation Day this past Sunday and were besieged by Black Lives Matter and antifa thugs who had declared that their sole intent in invading our permitted celebration was to "shut us down." I livestreamed the chaos as pro-police attendees were beaten....

Conservatives seem to have been victims of doublethink over more than one matter for a long time.

It was always the police who enforced various unjust laws involving the EPA, discrimination, and moms who wanted to deprive dads of visitation rights. Usually it was sheriff's departments ("back the brown?") who served the warrants and eviction notices. Did conservatives not notice that?

Who did the conservatives think was going to enforce all the anti-gun laws leftists were passing?

Then there are teachers. It was teachers who brought abortion hustlers into grade schools and kept the parents from knowing; who taught children about energy "conservation," littering, pollution, ozone holes, and how to use condoms. It was teachers who brought in DARE, who told kids to rat out their drug-using parents. And who led protests against Donald Trump in which the kids left school. But then, like clockwork, conservative talk-show hosts would set aside special time on their shows to honor teachers on "teacher appreciation" days.

It's not as though cops have only this year started just standing around while mobs vandalized and destroyed memorials. And I'm not even going to mention Charlottesville, where they actually pushed the two protesting groups into one another. (Okay, I just mentioned it.)

Malkin is a sharp cookie, all right, but on this matter, she should have seen it coming. Ω

Posted July 21, 2020.

At Mises, Jeff Deist writes: "About Those Spooky Federal Cops in Portland" (July 21, 2020).

Deist begins: "Dear Portlandia progressives: a federal government big enough to take care of you is a federal government big enough to 'take care of you.'" Ω

Another redoubtable Jeff — Jeffrey Tucker — writes: "The Lockdowns Are Killing the Arts" (Institute for Economic Research, July 14, 2020).

Excerpt: "It's the biggest attack on art and beauty possibly since the iconoclasm of the 16th century, when mobs sacked churches, tore out paintings, and melted candlesticks in bonfires. Back then the motivation was to purify the world of sin. Now we think we are purifying the world of disease."

Well, you can't kill a civilization without killing its arts, so ... Ω

Posted July 18, 2020.

Ronn Neff: You must love your Mask. On more than one occasion I have said to someone that I do not believe the propaganda or superstitions that underpin Wearing the Mask. It usually occurs within a context in which I have little choice in the matter and I am in the process of complying with an order issued by some petty re-programmed Girl Scout leader to don the uniform. I comply, but I make it clear that I do not believe.

On every one of those occasions the person who is enforcing my compliance tells me that Wearing the Mask is good protection from the virus or repeats some other transparent lie of the Cult. For a while I wondered why they do that. Do they really imagine that, having come to think that it's all a superstition, a lie, or mere propaganda, I will fall to my knees and accept their baptism at the mere repetition of some bromidic claptrap that I have already heard dozens of times on the TV and radio? that I shall slap myself on the forehead and say, "Of course! It's all so clear now!"

(Maybe I'll do that the next time just to see what happens.)

But I now think that there is a deeper purpose to the recitation of the Catechism of the Mask. Not that the catechist reciting it knows that purpose, but a purpose does not have to be recognized to function. I blush to acknowledge my tardy understanding: surely I should have realized it much sooner than this. Hear now George Orwell's O'Brien:

We are not content with negative obedience, nor even with the most abject submission. When finally you surrender to us, it must be of your own free will. We do not destroy the heretic because he resists us: so long as he resists us we never destroy him. We convert him, we capture his inner mind, we reshape him. We burn all evil and all illusion out of him; we bring him over to our side, not in appearance, but genuinely, heart and soul. We make him one of ourselves before we kill him.
In other words, "You must love Big Brother. It is not enough to obey him: you must love him."

You think I am exaggerating? Only today a Facebook acquaintance told me that the Cult of the Mask (not his words) was not a superstition, that Wearing the Mask works, that it is a small thing, and that it should be respected. It is not enough that I degrade myself and wound my self-respect when I knuckle under and knot a bandana behind my head and behave like One of Them. Oh, no. I must respect it. I must believe. I must be reeducated to love the Mask.

But having said all that, it occurs to me that perhaps even the squamous evil of O'Brien does not fully capture what is going on. Perhaps it is better captured by the villain known only as "Roat," in "Wait Until Dark." When he has finally broken down the blind Suzy Hendrix to the point where she is willing to take the doll he has been searching for out of hiding and give it to him, he refuses to take it. He requires more of Suzy than the doll. And he gets it when she says to him, "Please Mr. Roat. May I give you the doll?"

It is that, I think, that is being demanded of us: that we want to Wear the Mask. That we want to be allowed to Wear the Mask. That we will experience some inner peace and validation not by Wearing the Mask, but by being allowed by our betters and by fellow Cultists to Wear the Mask.

To borrow again from 1984, it may well be that the last freedom available to us will be to die hating them. Ω

Modine Herbey comments: In George Orwell's Oceania, Outer Party members wear blue coveralls; Inner Party members wear black coveralls. But the proles wear ordinary clothing. In at least one respect, our regime has outdone the regime of Oceania. Here, even proles are considered members of the Party and are expected to wear the Party uniform.

Nicholas Strakon asks: Have you reread 1984 yet this year?

For further reading on Maskism: "When Stalin sits down," by Ronn Neff, July 21, 2020.

Posted July 13, 2020.

Ronn Neff: Enough! We keep hearing about the "tragic death of George Floyd." The tragedy is not so much that he was apparently killed by a policeman, but that a man born with a rational intelligence, made in the image of an immortal and loving God, perpetrated so many offenses against his own being and had already taken such huge steps toward his own deformation and self-destruction. It is not a tragedy when most of us die. The tragedy is that most of us take what is so achingly beautiful and massage it into a turd. Ω

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